Meet Your Yard Care Goals With Artificial Turf

Using artificial turf on your Houston yard — across the whole area or in hard-to-fill spots — is a great choice. At Pavertime, we can help review and discuss your options to beautify your yard!

The world of artificial turf products is giving many homeowners some wonderful options as they consider whether to seed, sod, or install synthetic turf. In many applications, the right synthetic can make life a lot easier, lower your yard maintenance time, and tidy up outdoor features, such as pools.

Make the Right Choice for Your Yard Using Artificial Turf

When determining your landscape design, remember that your choices for an artificial grass lawn can be small spots in the beginning. For example, if you’re putting in a paved patio with retaining walls and an outdoor kitchen, you may want a grassy area for seating.

Because this area will get a fair bit of wear and tear, do your best to invest in the best quality you can find for that particular spot. It will save mowing and edging, and your artificial grass installers can create an oasis of fake grass that will be comfortable and very low maintenance.

Find a Well-Established Source

The cosmetic quality of synthetic grass is rising and this form of turf has a very “real” look and feel. You can even find grass products that have the appearance of underlying thatch so it looks and feels more real underfoot.

Because the conditions in Houston will expose your artificial grass to a lot of sun and water, make sure that you buy from a manufacturer with a long business history and many options in their product line. While you may have real sod or grass in the large expanses of your yard, it makes sense to put in pet turf in the dog run or some form of artificial turf near your pool to avoid grass clippings constantly littering the top of the water.

Artificial Turf is Versatile for Home and Work

You may even be thinking about utilizing artificial turf a tyour place of business. Putting in an artificial lawn around your home or business is a terrific investment in your time. If the rain quits, you still have green grass. If the rains come, the installers of artificial grass products will have put down the best combination of mulch to allow proper draining.

Your artificial turf will not need to be mowed or watered. Because of the terrific products currently on the market, you can enjoy a lush green lawn that requires little maintenance and looks good no matter the season.

Help from the Commercial Industry

The professionals who make the products that keep golf greens, football fields, and your local putting green looking wonderful no matter the season have been working on designing an artificial turf that will look and feel like a real lawn for a very long time. We take care of the rest providing you with the perfect installation.

Some of the design work that goes into making an artificial turf selection includes studying each of these factors at your location:

  • Color
  • Sun tolerance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Drainage
  • Durability to foot traffic
  • Durability under chemical assault, such as animal waste

Instead of paying for lawn care or spending each weekend mowing after spending every morning watering, you can enjoy a lush green lawn with a simple installation.

Landscape Designer Considerations

If you’re changing up your yard, consider working with a landscape designer to make sure that your decisions will work for you for years to come. You can put your artificial lawn to work in a variety of spots that will make your yard work and lawn maintenance costs a thing of the past.

Pet-friendly turf along the fence means picking up after your pets will be quick and you will not have to deal with any messy mowing. Artificial lawn under the seating areas in your yard means you don’t have to move furniture to mow and you may have fewer bugs to deal with in that area. Using artificial grass around the pool will give swimmers a springy place to walk barefoot and no grass in the pool.

For Those Who Love to Garden

If you’ve been considering putting in raised gardens, talk to your designated Pavertime turf installer about putting down some artificial grass with a nice spring to it before the beds are installed. As you know, mowing and trimming around raised beds is extremely time-consuming.

Additionally, an artificial lawn can save your ornamental trees. One of the big challenges for those who love to grow ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs is that the water needed to keep the real grass alive can be too much for a new tree. With artificial lawn in place, you can customize your watering and fertilizing to the needs of your trees.

Pavertime is The Ideal Choice for Artificial Turf in Houston

With the right product and a quality installation team, you can expand your use of artificial lawn as needed over time. Start with the patio and around the pool. Plan for raised garden beds next summer. Make your landscaping plans with an eye toward a yard you can enjoy first and mow second.

Whatever your current needs or future goals, we can help enhance your yard and provide you with the ideal space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

– Talk to Pavertime today about your project and see how we can help bring your outdoor vision to life!

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