The Right Patio Contractor: Patios, Walkways, and Porches

When you need a concrete patio, fire pit, or outdoor fireplace to expand your living space, the right patio contractor will enhance and support your design.

Your home is a huge investment and the place you shelter your family. If you’re ready to make an improvement in your outdoor living space, working with the right patio contractor will allow you flexibility and guidance as your design comes together.

Use Your High-Quality Concrete Patio All Year Long

Thanks to the climate in Houston, you can create an outdoor dining, relaxing, and living space that will work nearly every day of the year. Beat the heat of high summer with a swimming pool. Add a pergola at the edge to provide shade and covered seating for loved ones, or create a space for a raised garden that will nourish plants that need a bit of shade.

As the temperatures drop, your patio can still serve you. By adding outdoor heaters, fire pits, or a fireplace, you can keep your family snuggly warm and give everyone the chance to stare into a fire. Your home can truly be an oasis for your loved ones, no matter the conditions outside your front door.

The design and build process for your patio construction cannot be rushed. Because conditions make it possible to use your outdoor space year round, features like your outside kitchen and your garden access need to function well no matter the climate. Your patio contractor should be able to give you plenty of design options and time to make the right decision for your needs.

Personalize the Design of Your Outdoor Living Space

Your concrete patio patio can be much more than a slab. Use dyed or stamped concrete to add visual interest to the expanse. Lay out your outdoor kitchen in a configuration that fully suits you. If your children are small, you may need to incorporate a gate or fence to your patio space that can be removed and stored until needed later.

As you discuss your goals with your patio installation team at Pavertime, be sure to stay open minded. For example, if your house design features some natural stone that you thought would be too dark for a patio, don’t give up on getting an exact match! There are many patio covers that can be installed that will give you shade and the chance to enjoy a patio that exactly matches your home.

Additionally, consider extending your patio design into the yard. For example, if you’re looking at an in-ground pool, the pros at Pavertime highly recommend a buffer or walkway along the edge of the pool to match your patio. It will look terrific for years to come and make mowing a breeze.

A concrete or paved patio is a big decision and a large investment. It’s important that you get the best advice from a high quality installer with a great deal of knowledge about the conditions in the Houston area that could put your patio at risk.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

As your patio takes shape, don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger. If you love to grill but have always wanted a smoker, talk to your contractor about making a bit more elbow room in your outdoor kitchen.

Or, if you have a green thumb, you may also want to put in something special. For example, one pergola over a section of the patio would be a nice place to shelter from the summer sun or dry off after the pool. Could you create a second pergola a bit further out that could serve as a walkway, a meditation room, or a place to grow their favorite climbing flower? With the right contractor, great design ideas and a little time, your patio can be perfect for you and yours.

We’re Here to Do An Amazing Job

We know how personal your outdoor living space is. That’s why we want to help you identify the best approach to add new patios, walkways, or porches to your space. Feel free to contact us via email, online, or via phone at 832-831-6058 with your patio questions, goals and design ideas. We are happy to answer any questions you have about getting the job done right on time and in your budget.

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