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Before embarking on a large home improvement project, consider additions you can make to your outdoor living space. If you’re making plans for a pool and an outdoor kitchen, consider also creating a shelter where folks can enjoy a moment of quiet and calm. Building a pergola on your property can create just such a shelter and give anyone who visits your home a respite from the bustle of daily living.

We recommend discussing your yard design and layout with a qualified pergola installer to create a one of a kind outdoor sheltered space that will suit you now and in the future.

What’s a Pergola?

At its most basic, a pergola is a separate space that provides shade and some seating. It’s generally free-standing and away from the house, though attached pergolas with a gable roof feature can also be a nice addition.

Historically, pergolas have served as passageways or walkways and supported vines. For example, a European garden might contain several features separated by pergola walkways covered in flowering vines or grape vines.

Putting Your Pergola to the Best Use

Your pergola installer at Pavertime can help you choose the best site for your structure. During your conversation with our team, make sure to consider:

  • Any seating you’d like to add
  • The flooring you want to use
  • Plantings and how to care for them
  • Lighting and security

For example, if your pool is near your back patio, a pergola on the other side of it can be a lovely spot to get away from the bustle and noise, read a book or take phone calls. To draw guests out to your pergola, you may want to put in bug control tools, a small water feature, some seating and a table for beverages and food.

Properly designed, your pergola can also serve as a walkway to a flower or vegetable garden.

Pergolas as Shelter

If your yard is brand new and you’re not quite sure where everything will go yet, talk to your pergola installer about setting yours up to serve as a shelter as your outside living area comes into focus.

For example, experts who design outdoor kitchens highly recommend staying rather loose with your design until you’re sure you know where you want everything to go. Get your grill out of the sun and under the pergola. Put in a picnic table for now until you determine the best shape for your outdoor cooking and dining space.

With a pergola on the property, you have shelter. You can set up a temporary outdoor kitchen until you know exactly how you want it to go and build that structure closer to the house the next year. Your pergola can then serve as a temporary pool shelter until you know exactly where that needs to go. Get the pool and surrounding structures built and use your pergola as a tiki bar or reading room. It’s an open space with a lot of options!

Thanks to your free-standing structure, you’ve got usable space that will allow you to enjoy shade and shelter as your yard evolves.


Pergolas can be made of many different materials. In the Houston area, of course, sunlight and moisture will be the challenges that your pergola will face on a daily basis. Your pergola installation team can help you make the best choice for your design goals and your yard needs.

Traditional pergola construction features an open roof. This design feature functions well for several reasons. Firstly, pergolas were places where vines were trained, so it was easy for gardeners to stand inside the pergola and harvest grapes or pick flowers. Secondly, an open roof allows the best air flow while providing some shade.

Many modern homeowners really don’t want vines covering the pergola; while picking your own grapes may be nice, dealing with falling fruit in your outdoor seating area is not pleasant, and twigs and leaves all over your pergola floor will not make your relaxation area very comfortable.

No matter the ultimate purpose, you can enjoy a pergola built of

  • Rot-resistant lumber
  • Aluminum
  • Stone pillars with the roof of your choice

The permanence of the structure is your to determine.

Attached or Free-Standing?

While traditional pergolas were free-standing, the addition of an attached pergola can turn your patio from an oven in the middle of the day to a highly useful space to enjoy some fresh air while you linger in the shade.

These pergolas offer homeowners a lot of options; rather than having a sunroom or a screened porch on the property that will allow heat to build up and move into your living space, you will have a shaded, open-air spot to grill, dine or just linger as the sun goes down.

Your pergola designer and installation team at Pavertime can help you to orient your pergola roof construction for both maximum shade and maximum air flow. While some big box store kits include a shade cloth or retractable awning cover for a pergola, it’s important to consider the risk of high winds, hot sun and elevated humidity on any fabric before adding it to your landscaping.

Gardener’s Delight

If you love plants that need a little shade and are struggling to make them a home in your bright Houston yard, a pergola could greatly change up your gardening options. For example, our pergola installation team could help you create a free standing pergola with a stone floor for a seating area and add a raised garden bed inside the structural supports. Here you can grown your favorite plants that need a bit of shade, and enjoy a cool beverage yourself!

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Pergolas are wonderful to create privacy and shade for your outdoor living space. Remember that a pergola is an open air structure with a roof. It can stand alone — away from your house — or it can be attached. We can help you make the best decision for your space.

We will gladly work with you and your family to help make a decision that everyone in your household will be happy with. Just give us a phone call for a consultation or even an installation if you are ready. Our trusted pergola installation team can turn the structure into exactly what your yard needs.

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