Permeable Pavers: Answer to Your Runoff Problems

Do you worry about runoff on your patio, driveway, or walkway whenever it rains in Houston? Do you live in a municipal area where pesticides and other contaminants have been found in local waterways because of rainwater runoff?

Permeable pavers are designed to be installed so that rainwater or snowmelt passes through the joints of the stones to a layer of stone or aggregate, then into the ground table soil underneath. If you’re looking for a popular residential option to install a pathway, driveway, or patio that doesn’t puddle or cause stormwater runoff, permeable pavers might be the perfect choice!

What’s the Difference Between Standard and Permeable Pavers?

A standard paver stone typically has narrow joints that are anywhere from 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide. Permeable interlocking pavers have joints that are wider, up to 1/2 inch. In a standard paver stone, sand fills the joints whereas permeable pavers for driveways or patios have joints containing very fine grains of crushed gravel. These grains absorb water. The water then passes through to a type of holding area where it eventually drains into the soil underground. In fact, some types of permeable pavers may drain as much as six to eight inches of water per hour!

A property assessment can help you determine what sized joints would be best for your paver project. The amount of average precipitation, as well as drainage issues, are factors to consider when choosing how wide the joints in between pavers should be. In short, the more precipitation you tend to get, the wider the joints you’ll need.

Permeable Pavements Go Easy on the Environment

If you’re wondering whether you should choose a type of permeable paver stone over concrete brick, you’ll want to know that permeable stone is the more eco-friendly choice. As mentioned earlier, a permeable application can help you avoid runoff, which often disrupts natural waterways and poses risk for flooding. When you install it as a patio, RV pad, pet area, driveway, or sidewalk, it helps avoid a heat island effect, which ultimately keeps temperatures cooler in your community during hot summer months.

Pavers Are Easier On Your Budget

When you’re designing your next hardscape project, cost-effectiveness will undoubtedly be a top priority. Another benefit of using pavement that is permeable is that there are several budget-friendly options that may result in an overall cost that is lower than it might be if you opted for a more elaborate design using traditional materials.

This is where it comes in handy to work alongside an experienced design and installation team who can help you create a walkway, patio, or driveway that not only highlights your sense of style but gives you the best return on your investment as well.

We Have the Expertise to Get the Job Done Right

Depending on your existing drainage situation and the characteristics of the underlying soil at the project site, our highly-skilled designers and installation team can determine how deep excavation needs to go to prepare for your paver application.

If your soil is particularly slow-draining, we can rectify the problem by incorporating a drainage pipe into your project plan. Our builders can also make sure you use the proper fillers and installation procedures so that your finished project complies with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. ADA standards are not only meant for commercial properties or areas open to the public. These regulations also help ensure that your pathways, patio, or driveway access is safe for all visitors.

You’ll Love the Low Maintenance of Interlocking Pavers

One of the greatest benefits of opting for a permeable stone interlocking system is the ease and convenience they provide for long-term maintenance. You can replace a single paver at a time, as needed, which is why it’s always a good idea to include some extra stones in your initial order! Another feature you might like about pavers is the variety of options available regarding color, size, shape, and architectural design.

It’s truly possible to create a one-of-a-kind style that complements your existing hardscape surroundings and suits your preference, whether you like plain and simple or a more intricate and lavish design.

Spruce Up Your Hardscape Design With Permeable Pavers

We’ll work closely with you to develop a pattern you’ll love, such as a herringbone or basket weave style. Durability, cost-effectiveness, appearance, and more are critical issues to keep in mind when exploring your paver system options. Whether your goal is to increase flat, usable space in your backyard or create a walkway leading to your pool or tiered garden area, the versatility of permeable stones can help you accomplish your outdoor hardscape goals.

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