Retaining Wall Contractor Services in Houston, TX

The right retaining wall contractor can turn your yard into an oasis of peace and calm that your family can enjoy in every season of the year.

Find the Ideal Retaining Wall Contractor for Your Yard Design

One of the nicest things about living in Houston is that your outdoor relaxation and entertainment space can serve as functional square footage for much of the year. With the right landscape designer and retaining wall contractor, you can create separate spaces for all of your favorite outdoor activities.

Enjoy High Summer Fun

If you’ve got a pool planned, talk to a Pavertime professional about the addition of retaining walls to protect and define your space. For example, your pool space will need:

  • Seating
  • Storage
  • Shade
  • Utility access

Your design features could include an arbor for shade, a storage shed or bin for toys and tools, and a utility structure for electrical hookups and pump access. Properly designed and laid out retaining wall paths, capped with natural stone and including lighting, could be an ideal enhancement to your outdoor space in Houston.

Outdoor Chefs Will Love This!

When retaining wall patterns are in the right spot, defining your outdoor kitchen will be easy. Of course, pre-planning is key. You’ll need water, drainage, fuel, and electric to properly power up your kitchen and cook easily. While considering your layout for your grilling and barbecuing area, take a look at the different capstone options.

With a flat capstone — or top of your retaining wall — you can build a virtual counter around your kitchen. While you may not be able to set hot things on top of this feature, using it for prep as you line things up to pop on the grill will make your outdoor cooking experience much simpler.

Entertain, Relax, and Enjoy!

Working with a retaining wall contractor can help you make the best design choices for your budget, your family size, and your entertainment plans. An outdoor seating area can include only a simple furniture set-up, or you can go big and put in a fountain or a fire feature.

No matter your ultimate goals, putting in a well-designed retaining wall in the right area can properly define your outdoor space. Take a good look at your lighting needs while determining your retaining wall layout. To design the area for the best security to make sure your space is safe to walk through and well-lit enough to avoid tripping or stumbling hazards.

Additionally, consider adding motion-sensor lighting near a retaining wall that leads into the shadows. While we all love our outdoor spaces, it’s critically important that we feel safe in our relaxation areas and when working in our outdoor kitchen. Knowing that a light will come on should any unknown creature come around a dark corner will keep everyone on the patio a big more secure.

Whether you’re designing a new home and yard, renovating your current space, or starting with a bare yard and looking for ideas, getting the retaining wall layout and construction done right will save you a lot of headaches. In the event of excessive rainfall or a serious storm, the drainage away from your home can save your foundation and protect your home from long-term damage.

Talk to Pavertime today about your project and see how we can help bring your outdoor vision to life!

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