3 Examples of a Paver Walkway Next to a Driveway

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Whether you want to enhance the look of your yard, create a more welcoming space, or increase property value, adding a paver walkway next to the driveway can help. A paver walkway is also a great way to stop erosion and create a clear pathway that removes the need to walk over grass or through the mud.

The options for a beautiful, unique walkway that fits your Houston area home are endless. We want to share some examples to help you find the perfect match for your home. This way, you’ll be ready to make a great decision to boost your outdoor living space!

What Does a Paver Walkway Next to a Driveway Look Like?

Take a look at these examples of paver projects we’ve completed for Houston area residents. The pavers accentuate the driveway to create a nice-looking space with curb appeal.

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– For more inspiration, visit our gallery of completed driveway and walkway projects.

Consider Some Paver Walkway Options Next to the Driveway

Adding interest to your home with a concrete paver walkway next to a driveway doesn’t have to be too complicated. A simple, straight path next to the driveway, leading up to your door, often adds the right touch of elegance and convenience.

Curving walkways, on the other hand, create a more playful look in larger spaces. Or, walkways that lead from the driveway and weave through gardens can help showcase your flowers and other landscape features.

There are also many options when it comes to paver shape. Square and rectangular pavers create a well-kept, neat appearance but can also be laid out in a diagonal or crisscross pattern to create more interest.

You can also choose pavers of different shapes, such as octagons, and use them to create a more eye-catching pattern. Pavers of various sizes can also be used together to create artistic walkways. You might even want to incorporate river stones or cobble-style paversfor a more rustic feel.

Adding a border along the walkway can enhance the design. Borders often make pathways appear cleaner, and a border using pavers in a different color creates a bold statement if that’s what you’re looking to accomplish.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is how wide to make the walkway. The wider a walkway is, the more open and welcoming it feels. This also makes it easier to use the path if you’re carrying groceries or packages from the driveway to your home. You’ll want to consider how much space you have before deciding on an exact width. The Pavertime can help you with this and show you how everything will look and work together.

You probably have some more questions about using pavers next to the driveway. We have answers!

Answers to Questions About a Paver Walkway Next to Driveway

1. Can a paver walkway be installed next to a concrete slab driveway? Yes, a paver walkway can easily be installed next to a concrete driveway. Pavers are versatile, which is one of the reasons they’re so easy to integrate into existing landscape designs.

2. Do you need to replace your driveway to add a walkway? Unless you want to match your walkway with a paver driveway, you won’t need to replace the existing driveway to add a new path. In fact, adding a paver walkway is a good solution to creating more space to walk without replacing what is already there.

3. What are the best practices for choosing pavers? One of the most common concerns when considering a paver walkway next to a driveway is whether the pavers should be proportional to the driveway. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. It mostly depends on how you want the walkway to look.

Choosing smaller pavers, for example, creates an artistic, cozy feel. Larger pavers make a space feel more open. This also creates a less busy look, so it’s a good option if there are a lot of other landscape elements near the path or driveway.

4. What color should the pavers be? Matching the color of your pavers to your driveway is definitely important. You can match the color exactly if you like, but it’s not always necessary. Choosing pavers of a different color, shape, or size can help to differentiate your walkway from the driveway.

You’ll probably want your pavers to blend with the colors in your driveway, home, and landscaping. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose colors with the same tone and intensity as your driveway and, surprisingly, your roof.

Ready to Install Pavers Next to Your Driveway?

Installing a new walkway next to your driveway can add subtle flair to your front yard and improve ease of access. If you think a paver walkway might work for you, contact us today to discuss your project goals.

We’re located right here in Houston. Our experts would be happy to answer any questions you might have about using pavers for home improvements. Give us a call at 832-831-6058 to talk to a helpful member of our team!

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