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The effects of excess rain continue to affect Houstonians on a regular basis. Between the flooding that pops up at a moment’s notice and the yard clean-up that’s required after every storm, managing the aftermath of incidents can be exhausting.

However, at Pavertime, we are here to help manage the large amounts of rain and water we receive in the Houston area a little easier for you. 

Find out why installing permeabilized pavers in your driveway, walkways, and patios can help reduce flooding and create a more environmentally sustainable space. Also, discover the value of working with a permeable pavers installation team like Pavertime to support your home.

How Do Permeable Pavers Work?

Permeable pavers are placed on a bed of aggregate with larger joints between them, which are also filled with aggregate. The gravel base provides a filter that allows water to pass slowly into the earth rather than overloading the soil, which causes flooding. 

Think about it this way: poured concrete causes water to run into a low point, directing all the rainwater into one area, which will quickly become overwhelmed. The water might run off onto more concrete, which cannot absorb the water at all, creating an instant pond, or it might run off into dirt, causing erosion and flooding. 

With permeable pavers, rainwater passes through the joints of the permeable pavers and into the ground. However, the layers of aggregate slow down the absorption rate, helping the earth not to become overwhelmed.

What are the Overall Benefits of Permeable Pavers?

1. First, Permeable pavers are ecologically friendly. Not only does the gravel base used in permeable paving filter out pollutants and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals draining into the earth, but it also provides more air and water for plant roots. You can never have too many healthy trees to provide shade in the Houston summer. 

2. Permeable pavers can reduce your drainage requirements. Some parts of the southern Gulf Coast require drainage when building on certain lots. Installing permeable pavers on your land will help reduce the covered surface area needed to calculate additional drainage requirements

3. Permeable pavers require less maintenance than other solid surfaces. One of the best parts of investing in a paved surface is the extended lifetime and reduced upkeep. Not only do pavers last longer than other forms of solid surfaces, but chipped or cracked pavers can quickly be replaced without removing a large surface area.

4. Some more good news is that permeable pavers can help increase the value of your home. Permeable pavers are designed to enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value by providing a durable and eco-friendly landscaping solution.

Steps to Permeable Paver Installation

Paver installation by Pavertime is a detailed project because we’re dedicated to our craft. Following the correct steps will ensure a longer-lasting surface and higher customer satisfaction.

1. Collect data: The first step involves visiting your home. During this visit, we will collect data like soil conditions, current drainage, and area usage. We’ll use this data to present you with a plan.

2. Site preparation: During the preparation phase, we will dig out and level the surface to prepare for your paver installation. If added drainage, such as basins or French drains, is required, we will also prepare for those. 

3. Install Geotextile fabric: This layer helps filter water while ensuring that your base material does not absorb into the earth over time. 

4. Add edge restraint: The edges are locked down tight to ensure a compact surface requiring minimal maintenance. 

5. Install aggregate base: After the Geotextile fabric installation is complete, we’ll add the aggregate base and compact it to ensure the durability of your space.

6. Install pavers: After the aggregate comes the fun. During the data collection phase, we’ll discuss paver options, including different textures, sizes, patterns, and even colors. You can choose the best style for your tastes, and we will install it.

7. Fill in the paver joints: This is one of the last steps to help you see what the finished product will look like. It’s like the icing on the cake, but don’t worry—we use gravel, not icing. 

Permeable paver surfaces have many benefits. And when you step back and look at the finished surface, all you will think of is how amazing it looks after the installation process is complete.

Let Pavertime Help With Your Installation Needs

With decades of experience in the Houston area, we know the different soils and moisture levels. We have experience working around tree roots in the northern Houston areas and knowing how to handle the tropical moisture found closer to Galveston. 

Pavertime is the company you can trust with your paver needs. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our reviews from past clients, and feel free to ask about our previous work with friends and neighbors.

When you’re ready to explore your permeable paver options, contact us to schedule your free consultation. Our permeable pavers installation team is ready to work on your behalf.

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