Cobblestone Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

Cobblestone patio for a Texas backyard.

It’s easy to think about changing your landscaping design by using common and easier to install surfaces such as poured concrete or even crushed granite. However, to make your home stand out as being truly unique and cared for, there are other forms of hardscaping to consider. Concrete pavers are great products that we highly recommend because of their durability and added home value. But there’s one product that will truly cause heads to turn while creating a custom look and feel that is hard to replicate and that is cobblestone. 


Not only is cobblestone known for its durability, but overall it’s known for its romantic feel and its ability to create timeless custom designs. However, cobblestone is also now being used in modern styles to add a more organic element with softer edges. Whether you’re looking for cobblestone ideas for your backyard or ways to use cobblestone in your landscaping design here in Texas, Pavertime is here to assist you to create the design of your dreams.

Using Cobblestone in Your Design

First, let’s help you understand a little about cobblestones. Consisting of smaller stones, cobblestones are usually made from highly durable natural stone and cobbled, or shaped, into the required size and shape. Cobblestones can also be made from concrete, these are known as cobblestone pavers. The use of cobblestones has been well documented for thousands of years with some of the old cobblestone walkways and roads still existing today. This history tends to give cobblestones the old world feeling.

Cobblestone comes in a large variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Because of the large variety of cobblestone options, your design options are virtually unlimited including creating more current  looks. Even though cobblestone is known for its antique look and feel, flatter stones in neutral colors can be used to create a modern feeling cobblestone driveway, allowing you to have the old-fashioned sound of driving on cobblestones while keeping the modern feel of your home. 

4 Cobblestone Patio Ideas for Your Backyard

After a long day, your backyard should be your escape. Not only will creating the a relaxing backyard oasis increase your property value, but it will also give you the functional outdoor living space in which to spend time with family or friends. 

Adding cobblestones to your backyard design will give you endless possibilities while creating a custom look and feel for your home. Use any of these 4 cobblestone patio ideas for your backyard to help create a personalized designer touch for your backyard and create the perfect space for you and your family.

Tie in existing outdoor living areas using cobblestones

One of the best things about cobblestones is that their smaller shapes and sizes make them easier to add to your existing hardscapes.. Do you already have a concrete slab that you wish to keep but also want to add in a cozy fire pit area? Use cobblestones to create a border around the pre-existing concrete slab. Using the same cobblestones, build a matching border around new paver patios or a custom cobblestone design to tie the two areas together. The large variety of colors and smaller sizes make cobblestones the perfect way to blend a new area into a pre-existing area.

Use cobblestones to add design accents

Cobblestones are an easy way to add extra character and depth appeal yet you don’t have to use them as an all-over application to achieve the look you want. Consider using cobblestones to create a beautiful motif within a retaining wall or use them to create the base of a water feature. Adding cobblestones is an easy way to introduce different textures, shapes, and colors that will add the perfect accent. The small pop in the design made using cobblestones will help them stand out and create a visually stunning surface.

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Add a decorative path to your backyard

Did you know that most universities study areas of wear in the grass to know where they should add concrete walkways? If your backyard has a worn path through the grass or you simply want to add a gentle winding decorative walkway, cobblestone is a great option. You can use a variety of patterns to create different styles of walkways. Straighter designs with sharper edges will convey a more formal walkway while jigsaw-style paths in warmer colors will create a more casual and relaxed style pathway. 

Create eye-catching designs and patterns 

The smaller size of cobblestones enables a large variety of arrangements that are not available through poured concrete or larger natural stones. Using cobblestones you can create free-flowing mosaics which can tie in nature or your favorite items and subjects. You can also use cobblestones to create concentric circles, overlapping arcs, peacock fans, or basket weave patterns. Cobblestones can be used to create a large patio with an inlaid decorative pattern that is perfect for holding a large outdoor dining table or seating area. By adding a water feature and lighting, you can create a truly custom space that will serve your family and friends for years and add a cozy touch to your backyard.

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At Pavertime, we want to help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a timeless feel that will transport you back a thousand years or you want up-to-date modern accents, we are here and able to help you. Let us schedule a time to come out and talk with you about possible cobblestone design options for your backyard, walkways, or driveway using natural stone cobblestones or cobblestone pavers. 

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