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Custom pergola built for a Houston, TX resident.

One of the best perks of living in Houston is having fun outdoors year-round. Whether you want to barbecue in December or play a wild game of cornhole in July, Houston has your back. All you need to have a fantastic time outdoors is a cool drink, yummy food, fun games, and a little bit of shade. Building a custom pergola is one easy way to get a shady place to relax without breaking the bank. 

Maybe you’ve been looking for options to provide shade to your outdoor living space, or you want to add some extra details to your home. One great way to do that is by building a pergola. Not only will pergolas bring added interest to your outdoor space, but they will also help you fully enjoy your backyard. As a custom pergola builder near you in the Houston area, Pavertime can bring your pergola dreams to life.

Are you looking for a custom pergola builder near you in Houston? 

At Pavertime, we’re here to bring your yard to life. 

You can buy pergolas in a box at any outdoor living or hardware store. But what if you want a product that will genuinely last and perfectly fit your space and your home’s design? In that case, you want a tailor-made pergola installed by a custom pergola builder. 

Trusting Pavertime to build your custom pergola means:

  • A pergola constructed to fit your individual needs, made with supreme materials.
  • The color, size, and style that you want. 
  • More than 10 different end cuts for the beams.
  • We can help you integrate the design into other outdoor structures or landscaping.
  • With our expertise in stonework, we can add custom stone bases to your pergola. 

A pergola doesn’t just provide shade. Pergolas can be left open to allow flowering vines to grow and twist, adding depth and beauty. Or, if you want protection from the wind and rain, a polycarbonate roof can be added. 

Fun fact: Polycarbonate roofs are also guaranteed to drop the temp in the pergola by 12 degrees and come tinted and clear.

What can my custom pergola be made of? 

While we can make your pergola from treated lumber, with the heat and weather of Houston, we recommend using western red cedar. Western red cedar protects the wood from drying and cracking like treated lumber. It also provides you with several options for its appearance. 

If you want a colored pergola, western red cedar is easy to paint. If you like the deep red appearance of cedar, a clear stain will protect it, and it is easy to reapply in the future. However, some people prefer the natural gray appearance of western red cedar that occurs as it ages. 

Trust Pavertime as your custom pergola builder near you.

We know you have a busy life to lead and want to get the party started in your yard as soon as possible. Within a week of calling, we can provide you with a plan and estimate. Constructing your custom pergola should take approximately 3-5 days, depending on the weather. In under two weeks, you’ll be ready to host a lively get-together or serve lunch to friends and family in the shade of your new pergola. 

Start building your custom pergola ASAP. Call 832-831-6058 to schedule your consultation today.

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