Decorative Edgers: How to Choose the Right One

A pack patio with paver edgers.

Most home improvement projects require time and money to successfully create a welcoming space. Yet one of the critical elements of building a warm, comforting area is its ability to last. No one wants an area that was painstakingly built to wash away or have unsightly settling. That’s why the boundary around your project is extremely important. Not only will a strong border create a clean, finished edge, but it will also help hold your hardscaping project together. 

How can you create a solid foundational edge while neatly defining spaces and improving the overall appearance? Decorative edgers can help. Decorative edgers provide a sturdy, secure design while protecting your initial investment.

What are Decorative Edgers? 

Chances are that you’ve looked at a curving paver walkway meandering through a garden or sipped a cold drink in an outdoor kitchen with a cobblestone floor and didn’t notice the edging. Or perhaps you have admired the plants and flowers in a flowerbed and seen the decorative garden boundary peeking through the foliage. Decorative edgers are the border that lies along the edge of a hardscaping project, building stability and adding further enhancement. When a project’s edging is done correctly, it will add to the overall look and feel of the design while also adding strength and permanence. 

Simply put, decorative edgers around a brick or paver surface are the banding that helps hold your project in place. When finished, this edge will help prevent cracking, lifting, or shifting and extend the life of your landscaping or hardscaping project. Without that edging in a hardscaping project, your pavers or bricks might move or become unaligned over time. 

Meanwhile, an edger used in a landscaping project will help establish a firm boundary between garden bedding and other surfaces. Over time this edging will also help create easier weeding, weed eating, mowing and keep mulch from washing away.

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Types of Decorative Edgers for Your Hardscaping and Landscaping Project:

While various edging styles and products are available, some have been proven to last longer while also building a more stable base. A few of the top edgers for your hardscaping or landscaping project include:

  • Paver Designed Edges – Some pavers are designed to work strictly as edges, while others are intended as inlays to add decorative elements. Paver edges can be used in landscaping and hardscaping applications to add a uniform, polished appearance to a project. The upside to using pavers is the large variety of shapes, colors, and patterns, which are unavailable in stone or brick.
  • Stone Edge – If you wish to create a more natural look, stone edges can provide an organic feel while also providing a variety of textures. While stone colors are more limited than pavers, the appearance of a stone edge blends well with nature. Stone is often used along flower and garden beds. 
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  • Concrete Toe – A concrete toe is a strip of concrete placed along the base of the paver surface, which helps lock it into place. Concrete toes are commonly used along driveways and other solid surfaces which need to withstand a large amount of weight and traffic. While concrete toes are harder to see, a decorative design can create an ornamental border that is locked in place using a concrete toe. 

Which Decorative Edger Will Work Best for Your Yard

How can you select the correct edger for your design? A well-planned project will take edging material into account in the planning phase. You might think that edging is a simple weekend DIY project, but that is far from the truth. 

The slope and layout of your yard determine the correct edger for your hardscaping or landscaping project. For example, suppose your yard has a sharp grade with a significant difference in elevation between two points. In that case, you should use an edging system that is anchored by rebar or a western stone block set. If the slope and grade of your yard are not used to determine the correct plan, there is a greater chance of your project’s failure in the future. 

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Why Trust Pavertime with Your Project?

Our portfolio of paver projects, as well as our experience, speaks for itself. For the past 8 years, we have worked in the Houston area to design and build long-lasting hardscaping projects. Our certified experts will assess your yard and identify any challenges to help you invest in a plan that will increase your home’s value and stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on our ability to help your vision come to life and give you the project of your dreams, regardless of any difficulties or roadblocks. 

Pavertime is your local Houston expert. Call us today at 832-831-6058 to schedule your free consultation, and let us help you bring your vision to life.

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