Flooring Trends for 2018

Floors in our home can take a beating.  Before replacing your old flooring with the same old wood or tiles, consider one of the latests trends in flooring for your home!

  1. Parquet Floors
    These geometric wood patterns are making a comeback!  Parquet floors are a great way to show off the natural grain of the wood floors.
  1. Wide Planks
    The wider the better!  Broad planks are very popular for many homes.
  1. Gray Wood Flooring
    This is a nice subtle difference from natural wood floors.  The gray adds a brightness to a modern home while accentuating the warmness of hardwood.
  1. Bamboo Floors
    Bamboo flooring is a very popular choice for 2018, but quality is key.  It’s important to get durable woven boards to insure the right look for your home.
  1. Porcelain Planks
    Get the look of hardwoods but the durability of tile!  These planks are perfect for bathrooms or other rooms where dampness can be a issue.
  1. Cork
    This springy material is eco-friendly and affordable, but may not be the best choice for rooms with a lot of traffic.
  1. Distressed Planks
    These planks can create a rustic farmhouse look in your home, and are often made from reclaimed wood.
  1. Wooden planks of various widths
    This style is perfect for a one of a kind look in your home!
  1. Terrazzo Flooring
    Upgrade your linoleum with this tile made from stone chips encased in concrete or resin to add intrigue in your kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Ebony Wood
    This moody wood is perfectly paired with a romantic bedroom, or lighten it up with a room with lots of windows!

With so many beautiful floor options, it can be difficult to choose!  Call Pavertime to figure out the best option for your home.


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