Modern Permeable Driveway—We Can Make It!

Modern Permeable Driveway—We Can Make It!

Some traditional things, such as grandma’s fried chicken recipe or a drool-worthy, cherry red 1965 Mustang convertible, shouldn’t be touched. But we have learned in this modern era that change and newer technologies can solve problems. How can we step into the future while also dealing with the flooding issues commonly found in the Houston area? It’s easy! A modern permeable driveway.

At Pavertime, we have the modern design skills and drainage knowledge to help you give your driveway a modern feel while aiding in flood control and water mitigation. You can get a beautiful driveway and peace of mind knowing flooding and rainfall won’t be a problem every summer. 

What is a permeable paver driveway?

A permeable paver driveway uses permeable pavers carefully constructed on a base that allows water drainage. Permeable pavers are installed so that rainwater passes through the joints of the stones to a layer of gravel or aggregate, then into the ground table soil underneath.

While traditional concrete and permeable pavers are largely the same, permeable pavers are porous, aiding in additional drainage. Permeable pavers are solid and make an excellent driveway base while also helping to direct water back into the earth. 

Plus, in our opinion, the beauty of a permeable paver driveway makes the perfect backdrop for drool-worthy vintage convertibles or sleek, state-of-the-art electric vehicles.

4 Tips for Creating Beautiful Modern Permeable Driveways

Whether you’re building a brand-new contemporary home or want to bring a modern touch to your current landscaping and curb appeal, a stylish driveway can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance.

1. Pair vibrant green grass with sleek gray concrete pavers.

One of the popular looks in modern design is when you mingle nature with the coolness of stone or concrete. An easy way to achieve this look is using specialized grid-style permeable pavers which allows grass to grow between the pavers. Our favorite pavers for this are the Echo City Lock and Echo Panorama by Keystone. We also recommend the Echo Dublin by Belgard. 

Pro Tip: This style is also a great way to add additional parking to your yard without removing all of the green/natural effects of the grass. 

2.  Play with texture and shapes.

The great thing about permeable driveways is that they’re based on one of the hottest looks in modern design: placing a larger smooth surface right next to the dimension and rough edges found on tiny rocks. Pavers give you a lot more options than traditional concrete. You can create contrasting straight borders to bring out the clean lines of the driveway or use sleek pavers with ample space behind them to highlight the modern design.

Pro Tip: Pavertime has many paver options to ensure your modern permeable driveway matches the look and feel of your home!

3. Make the details stand out.

What if you want to play with modern design but aren’t ready to fully commit? Use details to add modern touches. Contrasting colored pavers, like a dark paver paired with a lighter paver, can add a hint of modern style without being overpowering. A decorative wall or seating area along the driveway with contemporary light fixtures will add a custom look while updating the overall feel. 

Pro Tip: Ask our team what jaw-dropping details you might be missing out on. We can add lighting, retaining walls, and even stairs to help add some WOW and functionality to your new driveway!

4. Add interesting landscaping

If your yard used to be soggy or prone to flooding, installing a permeable driveway will open up new landscaping opportunities. Once your yard stays drier thanks to better drainage, you can add heat-loving, native plants commonly used in modern design, such as red yucca, century plants, and native grasses. No more needing to worry about an overwatered plant!

Let Pavertime Create Your Modern Permeable Driveway

You don’t have to put up with the same cookie-cutter driveway that all of your neighbors have. Stand out from the crowd while also being ecologically friendly. Pavertime can help you from start to finish to create a modern permeable driveway that makes an impact. 

Don’t wait. Schedule your consultation today by calling us at 832-831-6058.

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