Keep cool in a pool this summer!

A backyard pool could be a nice addition to compliment your landscape design and perfect for hot Texas Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.  Are you hoping to have many BBQ parties, having fun with the kids or just a relaxing float?

There are many considerations in planning for a pool.  First who will use the pool and how often and will the family size change in the future?  How often do you plan on entertaining and for how many people? Do you need a lap pool? If so you need it to be at least 30’.  Then what are the setbacks of the house and property lines. And most importantly how much patio do you want around the pool for sitting and dining areas for grills or outdoor kitchens and maybe a fire pit? Shape and design are important to consider before meeting with a specialist. Materials can dictate the life of your pool and outdoor area. Some of the most attractive backyards incorporate the pool and the landscape design seamlessly by using natural-looking materials.

Planting appropriate trees, shrubs and perennials  or a waterfall around the pool will also make a “WOW” factor.  The “FUN” factor can be enhanced with a diving board or a slide and floats and toys.  Entertaining can be amplified with a cabana or pergola. Going the next level a changing structure and outdoor shower!  Many ideas can be found on line to get you started then contact a specialist for the final design and work.

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