Residential Drainage Systems You Need in Houston

Drainage grate next to a paver patio surrounded by large pebbles.

Houston is known for its crazy rains and flooding issues. Within minutes streets start to flood, and water from low spots grows deeper and closer to damaging your home and yard. Maintaining proper drainage in the Houston area is vital to protect your property. Not only will flooding cause rot in your yard and cause mosquito issues, but it can also cause mildew and structural damage to your home. Protect your home and yard by installing residential drainage systems. 

How do residential drainage systems work?

Residential drainage systems help redirect excess water away from your home and yard. Changes made to your yard or surrounding area, including changes to neighboring yards, impacts how water runs off from your yard. Land with good drainage will help direct excess water to drains, streets, creeks, or other areas to safely catch the water. 

When building new patios, driveways, or other outdoor structures, professionals need to evaluate the area and take steps to provide the best drainage solution for your project.

In the Houston area, you can commonly find three different types of residential drainage systems:

French Drains

A French drain consists of a perforated pipe laid in a trench surrounded by gravel and crushed rock. Water enters the pipe during heavy rains and is directed towards storm drains, heavily relying on gravity to carry the water down the pipe. During light and moderate rains, the gravel surrounding the pipe helps water absorb into the ground. 

Catch Basins

Catch basins are a great solution for flooding on solid surfaces or when landscaping is not suitable for french drains. Catch basins are made of a solid pipe that leads from a drain down to a basin for holding rainwater. Pumps are commonly used to move the water from the basin to a storm drain or canal for water run-off. 

French drains and catch basins are both great options to divert water away from structures and prevent pooling water in your yard. In severe cases, they can also be used together. Not sure which one would work best for you? Read this post: Catch Basin vs. French Drain: Which One is Best for Your Yard? 

Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are designed to be installed so that rainwater passes through the joints of the stones to a layer of stone or aggregate, then into the ground table soil underneath. Permeable pavers are a surface drainage system meaning that the entire surface will help catch rainwater, preventing pooling and stormwater run-off. 

Learn more about permeable pavers and why they might answer your run-off water problems, or consider using permeable driveway pavers for water drainage.

Let Pavertime Install Your Drainage System

We know what it takes to move water, and we can help you create an outdoor space that stands up to our wild Houston rains. With years of experience and glowing client reviews, we have the trustworthy experience to build the outdoor space of your dreams equipped with residential drainage systems to protect your home and yard. 
Give us a call at 832-831-6058 or fill out our contact form, and let’s talk about your paver and water drainage needs.

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