Use a Patio Retaining Wall to Wow Your Guests

Use a Patio Retaining Wall to Wow Your Guests

When you think of your yard, is it where you want to entertain and relax? Or is your outdoor space a spicy mishmash of DIY Projects that never quite worked out and crumbling wood retaining walls and decks? With the beautiful spring and summer weather right around the corner, now is the time to start planning ways to make your yard stand out. Building a patio retaining wall is a stunning way to elevate your yard.

Not only will you reclaim space in a sloped yard with a patio retaining wall, but the texture and look of concrete pavers will bring a new level of comfort and design.

What is a patio retaining wall? 

A patio retaining wall, or raised patio, is a flat surface built on the top edge of a retaining wall created for living or dining space. Traditional retaining walls are structures that help hold back soil behind the wall. A retaining wall on a sloped surface will help you reclaim land and create a flat surface. 

Retaining walls is usually more necessary than just a design choice. However, patio retaining walls differ slightly. Adding a patio to the top of a retaining wall is a design choice that can create stunning raised patios on different levels and serve various purposes. 

In fact, you can use patio retaining walls to replace old wood decks or a set of stairs directly off a door leading into a yard. Rather than have a wooden deck with open space below it, you can build a sturdy retaining wall topped with a solid and gorgeous patio.

Why choose a patio retaining wall?

  • Patio retaining walls last longer than wood, especially in Houston humidity. Correctly installed by an experienced team, patio retaining walls made from pavers require minimal maintenance. 
  • You can create any shape. Wood/ timber retaining walls are straight and can be hard to give an organic form. Using pavers to build a retaining wall allows it to flow naturally along landscaping or create a round patio to fit a fire pit perfectly. 
  • Relatively low maintenance. Unlike wood, which must be repainted and stained yearly, concrete pavers only have to be power washed when dirty. They also require less overall maintenance, and repairs can usually be done in small sections, treating only the affected pavers. 

Pro Tip: Any retaining wall over 4’ tall requires a wall engineer. If your retaining wall patio is over 4’ tall, use a reputable contractor, such as Pavertime, who can help you connect with a knowledgeable engineer. 

Patio retaining wall ideas: 

Terraced patios – Whether you have a significant slope or hill to contend with or only need a few baby steps up to your patio, one simply stunning idea is to break up the surface into several different levels. Not only will this create dedicated areas, such as a seating area and a separate area for grilling, but it also helps visually break up the space and create a grander appearance. 

Create more useable living space – Creating a raised patio is the perfect answer if you’re tired of stepping down into grass from your backdoor or stumbling as you navigate a treacherous entry. You’ll be amazed by how much more you’ll use a paver patio directly attached to your home that is extremely easy to access. Rather than stepping down into a different space, you can move through the space on the same level, creating a cohesive experience. Filling that space with comfortable all-weather furniture will help further expand your living room outside your home.

Consider the details – Raised paver patios stand out from the crowd, but with a few simple details, you can create a space that wows your friends and family. Low voltage lighting set into the side of the retaining walls will bring an ambiance and look that can’t be beaten. You can also add decorative walls to the patio and extend the walls out into the landscaping to tie the two areas together. Or, if you’re installing the patio retaining wall further out in your yard, consider adding a fire pit for fun family evenings and weekends.

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