What Separates Retaining Wall Contractors Near Me in Houston?

What Separates Retaining Wall Contractors Near Me in Houston?

There are regular, everyday questions that we ask our friends and families, such as: “Do you want to go to dinner?”, “Can I have that recipe?” or “Do you have anything fun going on this weekend?”. But one thing that probably does not come up with your friends in day-to-day conversation is, “Hey, do you know of any good retaining wall contractors near me?”.

While retaining walls can be exciting (and even drop-dead gorgeous if you build a modern retaining wall or use some of these driveway retaining wall ideas), but oftentimes, the struggles of finding a retaining wall contractor you can trust gets in the way of the excitement.

Don’t worry. If the thought of a retaining wall excites you, but the logistics of getting a retaining wall installed gives you a headache, the Pavertime team is here to help. We want you to find the contractor you know you can trust and will exceed your expectations. 

Pro Tip: Constructing a retaining wall is an investment in your home, and picking the right contractor is vital to your project’s appearance, life, and longevity. 

How Do I Find Retaining Wall Contractors Near Me?

To start your search, you need to go local. Retaining wall contractors who know your area’s local soil conditions, climate, and permitting process will have a home-field advantage because they understand how to work in that area and what materials will be the most suitable. Simply put, you want your contractor to know the area and to have done work in the area.

Ways to find local retaining wall contractors include:

  • Asking in neighborhood groups on social media
  • Inquiring on neighborhood HOA forums
  • Talking to other people in your local area who have had recent hardscaping work completed
  • Searching online for local companies with good reviews

Pro Tip: When looking for any contractor, it is best to meet with and get quotes from several companies. This step will help you gauge their professionalism, work ethic, and communication abilities and provide different budget options. 

Questions to ask of a retaining wall contractor include:

  • Do you work with a wall engineer?
  • What is the timeline from start to finish?
  • Would I have a primary point of contact? Who would that be?
  • How does your company handle mistakes or disagreements?
  • Do you have any referrals?
  • Are there photos of your past work I can look at?

Pro Tip: It is important to note that a wall engineer must design any retaining wall over 4′. If a contractor does not work with a wall engineer, it’s a red flag and a clear sign that you must consider other contractors. 

Red flags to watch out for when looking for a contractor may include:

  • Bad reviews
  • No references
  • An extremely low quote compared to other contractors
  • Poor communication or slow communication
  • Unaware of local laws/requirements/permits
  • Not working with a wall engineer

Signs of Good Retaining Wall Contractors

Building a retaining wall is an investment that could impact your home’s value and curb appeal. You need to hire a contractor you trust and one that already has a proven work record. 

A good retaining wall contractor will have:

  • Fair pricing with reasonable quotes
  • Good reviews and testimonies from neighbors
  • Reasonable timelines 
  • Solid communication
  • A working relationship with a local wall engineer

Pavertime is the Houston Retaining Wall Contractor You Can Trust

It’s time a put an end to your search of good retaining wall contractors near you. With decades in business, established repeat clients, outstanding work ethics, and knowledge of the Houston landscape, Pavertime is dependable and reliable. Take a look at some of our previous retaining wall work to get your retaining wall inspiration flowing. 

Call Pavertime today for your free consultation and quote!

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