What you Should Know Before Installing a Skylight

Skylights add natural light to any room in your home.  They can add value to your home, and bring the sky inside.  Here are some tips before adding a skylight to your home.

  1. Quality is important.  Check on the energy efficiency, water tightness, and sound proofing before putting in a skylight.  These things can affect the quality of your skylight. You want to be happy with the addition of the skylight, and no one wants a leaky roof.
  2. Get a blueprint of your home.  The last thing you want to do is start cutting into your roof without knowing where the beams are.  A blueprint will help you to establish the placement of your skylight.
  3. Plan for good weather.   Plan ahead as best you can for clear skies for your installation.  Any moisture that gets into the window can seriously affect or damage your installation permanently.
  4. Consider getting a self ventilating skylight.  This is a nice feature that lets you air out the room as well as providing light.
  5. Skylights will make your room warmer.  Even with insulation, you are adding an additional window to your space, which will allow the sun to stream in, making the space hotter.
  6. Skylights increase the value of your home.  Natural light is a big factor for homebuyers.  Adding a skylight is a unique way to provide that light.
  7. Sun tubes are another alternative.  Sun tubes provide natural light to rooms that may not otherwise receive it.  Sunlight is directed through the tube into your home, so you won’t have to worry about the orientation of the room or attic space above.  The downside is you won’t have the view you would have with a skylight.

Skylights are a terrific way to bring the outdoors in, and make wonderful additions to any room in your home.  

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