6 Reasons to Choose Pavertime

There are plenty of benefits for having a patio paver driveway, walkway or backyard patio, but once you have decided you want one for yourself, what’s the next step? Do you want to undertake this installation as a do-it-yourself project? Give Pavertime a call and let us do what we do best! Here are 6 reasons to choose Pavertime.


  1. At Pavertime, we know to dig deep. Digging to below root level will give your pavers the most stability. Before digging, Pavertime will personally contact local utilities to ensure that all cable, plumbing and electrical lines are marked to avoid any damages.
  2. We weed out the weeds. By laying landscaping cloth beneath the new sand base, we eliminate the chance of disruption by weeds and other underground vegetation.
  3. At Pavertime, we leave no detail unnoticed. When creating your paver patio, we plan your patio to be ever so slightly sloped away from your property’s foundation to allow for proper drainage during rainy weather.
  4. Keeping it tight. By creating a solid edge of extra pavers or metal and vinyl edging, Pavertime keeps the movement of your pavers to the smallest of minimums as well as prevent the encroachment of weeds.
  5. Color variation. At Pavertime, we offer a number of color options to choose from to fit your patio to your liking. Mixing and matching colors is a great way to create a one of a kind patio.
  6. Perfect fit. When creating a custom design with pavers, precise cuts can be required. Our master landscapers will make the perfect cuts to create the perfect fit.

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