Add a Cobblestone Pathway for Fresh Curb Appeal

Cobblestone pathway winding through a luscious green yard

Cobblestone is known for its old-world feel. Some cobblestone paths and roads in Europe and South America date back to the 3rd and 4th centuries. The history of cobblestone proves that it is a solid form of construction that lasts the test of time.

However, just because you can find cobblestones in older locations, it doesn’t mean that using them as a building material will date your home. If you want to update your curb appeal, creating a cobblestone path is a great way to freshen up your home’s appearance. 

Ideas for Your Cobblestone Pathway

While cobblestone is often thought of as a rustic option, recently, it has started being used in many ways that no longer pigeonhole it into the cottage style that you might think of when cobblestones are brought to mind. The great thing about cobblestone is that the smaller stones lend it to various designs and styles. Let’s talk about a few design options that you have when adding a cobblestone pathway to your home:

Modern Cobblestone Pathway Styles

In the past, gently curving cobblestone paths gave cobblestone a romantic or homey feel. Yet cobblestone is still an excellent choice for modern-style paths or walkways. The modern style involves a lot of straight lines and tight patterns. As a result, cobblestones can be used in several ways to meet contemporary ideas.

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If you want to add a more modern style to your home or to match an already existing modern look and feel, using cobblestone accents in a pathway is a great way to add texture and extra detail. Cobblestones work well in modernized design because they can work as smaller accents between expansive paver bricks. For example, adding cobblestones in a small row between larger stones on a straight pathway will lend a modern striped appearance. You can also use smaller light-colored cobblestones laid in a grid pattern to build an exciting composition that doesn’t compete with other design features. 

Highly Stylized Cobblestone Pathways

One of the best ways you can use cobblestones in your pathway design is by utilizing the striking patterns available in cobblestone designs. The smaller stones enable a large variety of motifs and arrangements that is challenging or impossible with larger bricks and pavers. Plus, the smaller square footage of pathways makes this a great way to add a truly customized touch to your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank. 

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If you’re looking to add a beautiful custom accent to your home, you could create a cobblestone pathway that utilizes a fan pattern using two complementary stone colors. If you want to add a more traditional feel to your home, consider using cobblestone in a herringbone pattern. You can even use cobblestone to make circular designs along your pathway, which might be a great place to add a bench or other sites to gather. The design ideas while using cobblestone are practically endless and a fantastic way to create a custom design for your home. 

Cobblestone Borders

A great way to add a personalized feature to your pathway is by adding cobblestone borders. Not only do cobblestone borders help define a space, but they can also add a beautiful design detail. Cobblestone borders are a great way to blend in a new walkway with a pre-existing porch or patio. Different paver styles or poured concrete can be united using the same border. 

Cobblestone pathways are an excellent addition to your home. Whether you want a warm antique feel or use cobblestones to bring interest and depth to a modern style pathway, Pavertime can help you come up with the perfect design. You can trust Pavertime to help you improve your home’s curb appeal while giving you a yard to enjoy for many years. Contact us today to get started.

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