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Walkway Installation Near Me to Improve Your Space

Walkway traveling through front lawn

Installing a walkway at your home is an easy way to boost the value of your home while keeping your feet clean from mud and yard debris. Looking for a walkway installation near you? Pavertime’s got you covered. Whether you want to connect your garage to your home, need a nonslip path that goes from a pool to a paver patio, or replace a worn grass trail that borders landscaping, Pavertime can help. 

Hiring a professional hardscaping contractor to create a new walkway is a quick and easy job that can usually be completed, start to finish, in under a week.

What is the Process for Walkway Installation Near Me?

The first step in any new walkway installation is for our team to visit your home in the Houston area to measure and sketch the project. We understand that a large part of any home improvement project is the function and design of the job. So whether you’re looking to replace an existing walkway or construct a new one, our team will consider what style and layout would work best with the current landscaping. Depending on the landscaping, walkways can be formed using serpentine shaping, an L shape, or straight paths. 

Once the layout has been decided, it will be time to choose which style and color of paver would best suit your walkway. 

Which Pavers Do We Recommend for Walkways?

One of our top recommendations for pavers for use in walkways is the Holland Stone Paver. These pavers are rectangular, which means they can be laid in a wide variety of unique patterns with different border options. Holland Stone Pavers are available from several manufacturers, with some very affordable options. 

Some available patterns using Holland Stone Pavers Include:

  • Running Bond
  • Stacked Bond
  • Basketweave
  • Basketweave variations
  • Herringbone 45°
  • Herringbone 90°

Using Holland Stone Pavers, you can match a wide variety of styles, including modern stacked bond chromatic looks or a classic herringbone pattern with a contrasting colored border. 

However, with pavers, you can create many different looks and feels. If you want a timeless or European style, we also recommend Belgard Cambridge Cobble Pavers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a natural and warm tone, we recommend Plaza Stone by Keystone. 

Working with pavers gives you unlimited styles and colors to create outdoor hardscaping projects that easily tie into the landscaping and style of your home. Together we work with you to develop a piece of art for your yard that your family will enjoy for many years. 

What Happens Once The Pavers and Layout Have Been Decided?

Once the design has been approved and the deposit is complete, Pavertime will schedule a convenient time to begin construction of your new walkway. 

To ensure your walkway stands the test of time and the Houston weather, it’s essential to lay a solid foundation. Once we arrive at your project on the day of construction, we will mark the space and the layout of the new walkway. First, we excavate 6 inches of dirt to ensure your project is solid. The area is then filled with 4 inches of crushed concrete and 1 inch of torpedo sand to help level the pavers. 

After the foundation is properly laid, our team will work carefully laying the pavers in the pattern you chose. Depending on the size and complexity of the walkway, this process can take 1-3 days. After all the pavers are in place, we use polymeric sand to form a strong bond in the paver joints (which is also great for preventing weeds and sand washout). 

How Much Maintenance Does a Paver Walkway Require?

After your walkway is finished, you can freely sweep or clean dirt off your walkway with a hose. If you need a deeper clean, pavers can be power washed but might need more polymeric sand afterward. To bring back the original shine and deep clean the pavers, we recommend a type of power washing known as volume wash.

Whether you need more polymeric sand or help deep cleaning your surface, Pavertime is available to help clean and maintain your walkway in the future. Just give us a call!

Why Choose Pavertime for Your Walkway Installation?

The Pavertime team is the right team for your project. With decades of experience and extensive knowledge of the Houston area, including Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Katy, Sugarland, Fort Bend, League City, and Friendswood, we can help you create walkways, driveways, pool surrounds, and driveways that will stand up against the hot temperatures and flooding rains while giving you the backyard oasis of your dreams.

Does Pavertime install patios or walkways near you? You bet we do! Call us at 832-831-6058 to learn more about our paver installation services. 

Don’t wait—let us quickly get started on your new walkway installation!

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