Adding a Window Seat

Nothing encourages cozying up with a good book more than a welcoming window seat.  Window seating can increase your entertainment space without taking up too much room in your home. They even help organize the home with added storage included.

Window seats have been incorporated into every style of American architecture, which goes to show you just how loved this home addition is.  What’s even greater about window seats is that they’re not limited to one particular room, but add charm to dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.  If you have the nook and a window, you can add a seat.

Most window seats are made from plywood, but you could use hardwood or even kitchen cabinetry if you wanted something with storage already built in.  While you could easily construct something yourself, it’s best to call in the pros to make sure it matches the interior of the house. Professionals will also be able to create beautiful millwork or any custom configurations you want.

Look around your home for areas where you might be able to add a window seat.  A breakfast nook would benefit from a window seat for adding more seating where additional chairs may not be feasible.  An entryway could be improved by adding a seat with storage or cubbies under to store shoes, umbrellas, and pet gear. A window seat would be helpful in a master bedroom to help put on your shoes before you leave the house, or to settle in for a romantic night watching a rainstorm.  

Even if there isn’t a space etched out underneath a window, you can fake it by adding bookshelves on either side of the window. The trick is making sure the bookshelves will accomodate for the depth of the seat for maximum comfort.  

Get really creative with your window seat by making a space for guests to sleep.  Instead of a regular cushion, add a twin sized mattress and cover it with an indoor/outdoor fabric.  This will make it the ultimate daybed, perfect in a kid’s room, or in a home office for midday zzz’s.  

If you’ve decided you’d like to add storage, there are several different ways to do so.  You could add a hinged top under the cushion for items you don’t need every day, like holiday decor or entertaining pieces.  Already built cabinetry comes with doors, making it super easy to access and store items. You can update these by adding special pulls to put your own touch on it.  

However you decide to build your window seat, get ready to relax while gazing out your favorite window.

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