Which Fence is Right for You?

Like your front door, the gate to your yard is important to making a lasting and welcoming impression.  A fence is the backdrop to your backyard, and is equally as important to creating a escape for the outside world.  Here are some factors to consider when deciding on the right fence and gate for your yard.

  1. Why do you need a fence?  Fences are sometimes necessary for your yard if you have a dog who needs to stay in your yard, so your fence will have to be able to securely hold him in.  Want a fence for privacy? A tall wooden fence would be much better than a cute white picket fence. Consider why you want or need a fence, and selecting the right one will be easier.
  2. What are the rules of your neighborhood?  Some neighborhoods have HOAs and restrictions against the type of fence you are allowed to build on your property.  Some require that your fence cannot exceed a certain height, while others insist that your fence matches the other fences in your neighborhood.  Read up about the rules so you don’t make a costly mistake.
  3. How much maintenance will your fence require?  Wooden fences require you to stain or paint them every few years to keep them looking fresh.  If you decide on a chain link fence, these require very little maintenance. The same goes with vinyl fencing, but you may have to replace panels of vinyl, which can be a bit more difficult to find matching material.  Knowing the upkeep will help you to make an educated decision.
  4. What’s your budget?  Budget varies widely depending on the materials, the style of fence, labor and upkeep.  Take into consideration the size of your yard. A smaller yard will, of course, be cheaper to fence than a larger yard.  Also, add in the estimated cost of maintenance for the fence to account for any repairs along the way.
  5. What type of style are you wanting?  Your new fence will set the stage for your home, so choosing a style is important.  Are you wanting something traditional, like a picket fence or rail? Maybe something custom designed would be more up your alley.  Whether you decide on wood, vinyl, or custom wrought iron, your fence design will say a lot about your personal style.

Choosing the right fence for your yard can be a fun way to take your backyard to the next level.

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