Being Flexible

There’s a common myth that concrete cracks because it’s old. This is not true. Concrete cracks because it is unable to flex with the earth below it moves. Stress fractures in the concrete occur when the solid mass of concrete is forced to comply with with the movement of the earth. This is why even a newly poured driveway can quickly develop cracks.

This is why pavers are a popular and better investment than concrete. Because pavers are individually placed and held in place by a special type of sand, the pavers are allowed to flex. Because of this flexing ability, they do not develop stress fractures. Pavers walkways or driveways can last for decades because of how durable pavers are.

Another benefit to pavers is they are naturally slip resistant. Pavers have a naturally abrasive surface which makes them a great choice for any area that might get wet – primarily pool areas.

If you think pavers might sound too good to be true, give us a call at Pavertime and we will answer any questions you may have.

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