Building a home office in your house

 A home office makes a lot of sense with today’s technology.   Time and gas saved is certainly a bonus. There are many things to consider in choosing your space and because there is not an extra room so there might need to be a creative conversion.   Cabinetry for storage, natural light if possible and extra artificial light are basic elements. Offices can be incorporated in bedrooms, living rooms and even hallways and closets.

The kitchen is a popular area that already can easily take advantage of the light and storage.  Countertops can be extended and matching cabinets or floating shelves can be added. The kitchen is naturally the hub of the household so why not have a spot to be organized, sort mail and pay bills, charge phones, stash cookbooks and plan menus and post schedules.  There are some important guidelines for a successful kitchen workspace.

  • Keep away from cooking and prepping kitchen work space
  • Make sure there are dedicated outlets for electronic device
  • Provide organizational tools like cubbies, baskets and cork boards
  • Add additional under counter lighting or table lamp 

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