Time For A New Backsplash?

There are an array of materials that can be used for kitchen backsplashes that were traditionally used to absorb splashes and spills.  Today they can create a design statement. Tile is the most common with natural stone coming on but with a skilled installer about any material will work.

  • Ceramic tile, porcelain, and glass tiles are resistant to heat and can be easily cleaned.
  • Glass panels, painted in color you choose, can create  a modern look that creates more light with it’s reflective qualities and there is minimal grout to clean.
  • Natural stone slabs also will give minimal grout maintenance but will have an entirely different natural look with the veining of granite or marble.  There is quite a fluctuation in pricing for these products.
  • Wood if properly sealed might be a warm option.  Consider choosing another material behind the sink to prevent deterioration.
  • Metal tiles and panels are on the upcoming list of materials used. Paired with a stainless steel countertop or a warmer natural stone will give it a more residential rather than commercial feeling.
  • Rarely will you have the opportunity to find exposed brick on a renovation project but i you can create this look. Using natural brick or stone the most important element is that it is carefully cleaned and sealed.

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