Choosing the Right Interior Paint Finish

Picking the right color for your room is a great first step, but your decision isn’t over yet.  The right paint finish is an important final step in painting your room. Here’s what you need to know for choosing the right paint finish for your home.

Paints come in different levels of glossiness.  The higher the gloss, the more likely you’ll need more coats of paint to get the desired effect.  

Flat finish:  A flat finish paint has no glossiness to it whatsoever.  Flat finish paints are good for ceilings and walls in low traffic areas.  It’s harder to clean, so make sure to keep extra paint around just in case.

Flat enamel (matte):  This paint finish has a slight sheen when it dries.  It is good for lower traffic rooms.

Eggshell:  Eggshell finish is the most popular finish for family rooms.  It has a high washability and a high ability to hide flaws.

Satin:  Satin finish has a velvety finish that’s good for high traffic areas that may need a bit more cleaning.  This finish is good for children’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Semi-gloss:  This finish is most commonly used on trim, in bathrooms, and kitchens, as it’s easy to clean.  Be sure to prep the paint area well, as flaws are easily reflected.

Glossy:  Glossy paint has a very high reflective quality, and is used mostly for dramatic accents.  Sand the area well before using this paint.

Decide what your room will most likely be used for, and the level of traffic it will endure to select the right finish for your room.

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