Do You Need A Backyard Shed?

Spring is in the air—time to clean out your garage get your lawn mower ready and gardening tools organized fill your pots with beautiful colorful plants. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have storage and a work space in a backyard garden shed.  A shed would give you the room to find everything quickly and easily and also enhancing your property. Other hobbies can also be accommodated in this addition such as woodworking, pottery or jewelry making.

Consideration should be given to the design of the shed to match the the style and materials with your house, as well as foundation, flooring and door size opening. If you are in a homeowner’s association you will need to get approval to build a shed.  Cost is another factor a shed will be a long term investment and spending a little more to have a custom attractive structure vs a prefab. Size will be a factor so that you will have enough room for storage as well as other activities.

Think about how you might integrate your outbuilding into the surrounding landscape.  You can have vegetable or flower beds surrounding the shed and possibly trellises with vines growing on the walls or porch.  Other fun design ideas to give your shed some character are french doors, shutters, cupolas, window boxes and weather vanes.

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