Circular Patio Inspiration to Revive Your Backyard

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Are you thinking about installing a new patio in your backyard to freshen things up? A circular patio is a modern option to bring new life to your outdoor space. Take a look at some circular patio inspiration and learn all about how to get a curved patio in your yard.

Circular Patio Ideas and Inspiration

Circular patios appear more natural and organic against living plants and gardens, and can be shaped to fit any available space. They can be worked around existing features and landscaping such as trees and soften the hard corners of buildings. 

There are countless options for shape, size, color, and pattern. Some homeowners in Houston use a round patio as an add-on feature opening out to the lawn, while others create an outside room for entertaining and outdoor cooking. 

Because they’re so striking, round patios often become the focal point for the backyard, and you can design the rest of the yard’s elements and landscaping around the patio.

The choice of pavers for a round patio is nearly limitless. Some people prefer to highlight the circular edges, sticking to round patterns or swirls. Other people prefer a more natural, random look.

  • Riverstone-type pavers or pavers of varying shapes are a great option.
  • Smaller pavers feel cozy and add interest, especially if designed in a geometric pattern.
  • Larger pavers are a good choice for making a space feel more open.

Looking to Create a More Intimate Setting in Your Backyard?

Curved patios can easily connect to existing patios or sidewalks. A winding path leading to shady retreat feels private and special and lets you enjoy the garden and landscaping as you relax.

You can also choose not to connect a round patio to another path or patio area and leave it as a floating paved space that is separate from the other hardscaping. Because round patios look more natural and fit better into the existing landscape, they don’t always require a connecting path.

The rounded edges of patios work very well with seating, creating a comfortable space to gather around custom fire pits or fireplaces or outdoor dining tables. The curves allow more space for sliding out chairs or adding decorative elements, uplighting, or potted plants.

Why are Circular Patios Popular with Houston Homeowners?

The gentle, curved shapes offer a softer appearance, as opposed to the boldness of straight lines. There aren’t hard edges or sharp corners, and many find it easier to step off a circular patio into the yard than stepping off a squared-off corner. 

A patio with curved edges is often the best idea if you have space restrictions. Curved areas can fit into smaller sections of the yard and can maximize space better in areas that aren’t symmetrical. For instance, patios with straight edges can sometimes look clunky in non-symmetrical areas.

A patio with curved edges is also an excellent option if you have a pool. Most home pools don’t have straight edges, and a curved patio will naturally complement the shape of the pool. It’s a wonderful addition to a pool’s edge, providing everyone with a comfortable place to get ready to take a dip, lounge, or just read a book by the water.

An oval patio can be fantastic alongside a privacy wall or retaining wall. Letting the wall follow the patio’s curved edges helps to soften its rigid appearance and creates something that feels harmonious, not forced.

What Should I Consider Before Choosing a Circular Patio?

It’s important to know that a patio with curved edges takes a bit longer to install. These patios are truly custom and each piece is cut on-site to exact specifications. Additionally, if the edges of the patio are curved, you’ll also need custom pavers.

Expert installation is important to make sure that all of the pieces fit together precisely for a perfect patio addition.

The typical installation process includes these key steps:

  • Perform a pre-installation evaluation of your outdoor space.
  • Review the design elements you already have.
  • Discuss how a circular patio could blend seamlessly into your backyard.
  • Recommend whether you will need custom pavers.
  • Complete the installation process and provide any extra elements you’d like to add on.

Talk to Pavertime About Installing a Circular Patio

Ready to refresh your outdoor space? If you’re in the Houston area and you love the idea of adding a circular patio for your home, then let’s talk about how we can help make your vision a reality. The Pavertime team will be happy to answer your questions about circular patios and other design options for your backyard.

Give us a call today at 832-831-6058 or fill out our contact form to get started. We can also walk you through the patio creation and installation process step by step so that you feel comfortable with the project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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