Pavers for Retaining Walls and Sloped Yards

A sloping or hilly backyard can pose a challenge but done right it can accentuate and complete your architecture.  Designing and installing it correctly should be your goal to eliminate maintenance and erosion problems The most common solution you may think of is creating tiers.  This can be done with several materials – natural stone, stone pavers, concrete or railroad ties. In the planting beds you have room to plant bushes and perennials that will create a dramatic and colorful display.

A pathway to a level area is another way to deal with a slope.  This can also be created with a variety of landscape materials. Natural rocks along the side and ground cover will make your pathway stand out.  A little more labor intensive idea is to cut into the hill and create a retaining wall giving you more level area for a possible lawn or xeriscape rock and plants.  The bed created above is a great place to put in good soil and have a lush garden area.

An ambitious project idea would be a waterfall, using the natural slope for water to come down giving you a soothing sound a relaxing backyard.  A rock garden on a slope might be an easy solution instead of hardscaping and moving dirt. Placing a small rock cover and larger rocks to discourage erosion.  Sedums, natural grass and other ground cover can further stabilize this attractive landscape.

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