Considering Driveway Pavers in Houston? Our Work Speaks For Itself!

Recently installed driveway pavers in Houston for a multi-car family home.

When you think of installing a driveway, most people automatically think of concrete. Over time concrete driveways often crack, collapse in areas, become unsightly due to damage, or can contribute to flooding in your home or yard. 

Driveway pavers are a great option to build a strong, durable driveway while elevating your home’s design and curb appeal. Made using a variety of colors and designs, not only will your driveway stand out from your neighbor’s but there are also other added benefits to using driveway pavers in Houston.

Three important benefits to using driveway pavers in Houston 

  1. Added value to homes 

Did you know that curb appeal improvements, including driveways, are proven to be one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? Installing a paver driveway is one of the top outdoor renovations with the highest return on investment. 

Concrete driveway pavers come in a large selection of colors and styles. Whether you want to create an elegant custom look or a matte modern appearance, driveway pavers will add more curb appeal and interest to your home than traditional poured concrete while increasing your home’s value. A great option if you want to add even more value and interest to your home is adding a sidewalk that matches the pattern of your paver driveway.

  1. Easy repairs

Not only are pavers extremely durable, making them ideal for commercial and residential driveways, but they are also easier to repair than concrete. Concrete cracks because it’s a solid mass that cannot flex as the earth below it moves, resulting in stress fractures. Repairing concrete driveways often involve removing a large area of broken concrete along both sides of the crack. 

Driveway pavers are not only highly durable, lasting 25 to 30 years, but they are also able to flex and move within their boundaries which prevents stress fractures. If your driveway pavers need repair, it can be as simple as removing the affected pavers and laying new ones in their place. Easier repairs protect your investment over time, allowing the original beautiful appearance to be maintained for many years. 

  1. Helps with Water Drainage

Using a permeable paver system to build your driveway will help with water drainage and flood control. Permeable paver systems rely on a layer of rock and aggregate placed under the pavers to allow for drainage and water absorption. At the same time, traditional concrete driveways would cause the water to run off or pool, potentially causing flooding issues. 

The City of Houston considers permeable pavers to be a type of green stormwater infrastructure, which reduces stormwater while providing benefits to the community. Using permeable pavers in a flood-prone area such as Houston is a smart decision that could potentially reduce your home’s drainage fees and help protect your home from future flooding issues. 

Trust Pavertime to Build The Perfect Driveway for You

With  years of experience in building paver driveways in Houston, Pavertime has the experience and design expertise that you can trust. Our design team will create unique designs and patterns that make your driveway stand out. 

Other features that our design team can help you add include:

  • Water features to create stunning focal points
  • Lighting options embedded in your paver system for safety and to give it an upscale look.
  • Benches and walls to further compliment the design and curb appeal.

While paver installation upfront can be higher, the value and durability of pavers will far outlast poured or stamped concrete. The Pavertime team is experienced with permitting and zoning issues in the City of Houston and surrounding areas, helping get your project off the ground without delays or headaches. 

Ready to get started and create a long-lasting, beautiful driveway? Simply schedule a consultation online ( or Give us a call today at 832-831-6058 to get started!

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