Custom Fire Pits for Houston’s Year-Round Outdoor Living

Custom fire pit built by Pavertime for a backyard in Houston, Texas.

Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or a focal point, fire pits in Houston homes can provide an inviting atmosphere in a backyard. Located in the center of the yard, they can turn into a gathering place for friends and family. 

A fire pit can provide a cozy and charming atmosphere in your backyard. It can recreate the feeling of a campfire, which is fun for kids and adults alike. This kind of comfort is important, especially after stressful days. 

If you’re planning a party, a fire pit can provide a wonderful outdoor setting. You’ll find many guests coming over to the fire pit, and it can help make the occasion even more memorable. 

If you’re looking to sell your home in a few years, an outdoor fire pit in a Houston home can add significant value that will make the initial investment well worth it. In fact, when done well, a fire pit can increase your ROI by 150%.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your fire pit will depend on the general design of your backyard, the size of your lot, and the aesthetic you’re seeking to follow.  

A large fire pit in a compact backyard lot could be a safety hazard, so consider a smaller circular-shaped or square fire pit if your backyard is small and cozy. 

Fire pits come in a variety of shapes, such as round, rectangular, square, or even arched. For example, see this custom fire pit installed by Pavertime for a family in The Woodlands:


This custom fire pit in a local Houston home has a flowing arch shape that echoes the shape of the custom stone seating behind it. There is also room for cushioned, comfortable chairs on its other side. 

Materials – Outside and Inside 


When it comes to building a fire pit, there are many different materials to choose from. You should also consider the style of your fire pit, whether it’s in-ground or above-ground, and where you’ll use it. 

Stainless steel is one popular choice for fire pits, as it’s strong and resistant to rust. Stainless steel fire pits are also relatively inexpensive. However, you need to keep in mind that brushed steel fire pits can be quite hot when in use, which can prevent a safety hazard.

One of the most popular materials for outdoor fire pits in Houston is stone or concrete. It’s durable, fire resistant, and easy to maintain. If you have a patio or other outdoor feature made of stone or concrete pavers, you can use the same materials to create your fire pit, giving your backyard elements a flowing theme that lends fusion and continuity.  


What materials you use depend on the type of fire pit you have. Some fire pits only use wood or charcoal. A more popular choice for fire pits is propane or natural gas, as it emits a cleaner fire and can be turned on/off quickly. Propane fire pits are more portable, whereas natural gas fire pits are more permanent structures.

Lava rock is a popular choice for gas fire pits. They shield the burner from the surface flame, and have many other interesting features. They also have a high water holding capacity and are easy to clean. In addition to providing protection, lava rock is low-maintenance, and it also lasts longer. However, it is one of the more expensive options. This natural gas fire pit created by Pavertime for a homeowner in Spring Branch uses natural gas and lava rocks:

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If you don’t have lava rocks, you can use fire glass instead. This material comes from volcanic environments, but it’s also available in a man-made version. Fire glass is stunning, and doesn’t radiate heat like lava rocks making it a good choice if you plan to use your fire pit on hot summer nights. However, it also requires more frequent cleaning than lava rocks.

Another great option for fire pit materials is silica sand. Silica sand is 95% silica, making it one of the purest forms of sand. It is generally white, yellow or beige in color. It burns slowly and emits less smoke, making the area around the fire more comfortable. It helps disperse gas and create a more even flame. Because it is completely non-toxic, silica sand is an excellent choice for an outdoor setting. It also doesn’t create much residue, which is ideal for easy maintenance, and it will not be consumed in the fire so it rarely needs to be replaced.

Crushed stones also help to enhance the beauty of your fireplace. They can be purchased easily and come in different shapes and sizes. They can also serve as a decorative element, allowing you to decorate the area around your bonfire. However, they are not recommended for use with high-temperature wood fires. But if you want to keep the fire in the pit, crushed stones are a great choice.

The materials you use for a fire pit are very important. They must be durable and able to withstand high heat. The depth of the pit should depend on how deep you want your fire. A basic pit should be at least six inches deep, but you can go deeper if you’d like.


For safety purposes, you should install a pit on level ground at least 15 feet away from flammable structures, such as homes. It’s also a good idea to find out the prevailing wind direction and keep the pit in that area. 

Never burn treated, moldy, or diseased wood in a wood-burning fire pit, as this type of wood could cause harmful fumes or mini explosions that could potentially lead to bigger fires.

It’s also important to note that some cities and counties have fire pit ordinances. Houston does not prohibit open burning for recreational purposes; however, residents aren’t allowed to burn trash or other waste materials.

Fire Pits in Houston for Outdoor Relaxation

In any season of the year, a custom fire pit is a great way to unwind after a long day at work or an evening with the family. Stone fire pits are classic and timeless, and they work with almost any outdoor design aesthetic. 

With our mild winters here in Houston, you’ll probably want to use your custom fire pit much more often than people who live in, for example, North Dakota. (Outdoor fire pits don’t do much to ward off temperatures of forty below zero!) Even in summer, they can provide a wonderful ambiance for an evening get-together.
If relaxing in front of your Houston home’s outdoor fire pit with a warm or cold beverage in hand sounds like the ideal winter or summer evening, contact Pavertime. We can help you design a comfortable, luxurious fire pit customized to your needs as well as the size and design of your backyard that will be a welcome retreat in any season.

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