Creating the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

Creating a seamless indoor/outdoor space is not as hard as it would seem.  It provides your patio with the coziness of the inside of your home, with the airiness of being outside.  Here are some tips on creating the best indoor/outdoor space.

  1. Make it functional.
    Having a dining table that’s study enough for outside is a great way to create an indoor feel, while giving your family somewhere else to eat and entertain.  If your backyard space is smaller, think about using stools which can double as tables.  
  2. Have a feature piece.
    Whether it’s a stunning water feature or an inviting fireplace, having a feature piece will encourage your guests to want to move outside.  Having your eye catching piece be seen from inside will draw your friends outside.
  3. Plants!
    Plants not only give life to a space, but they have so many different uses!  You can use them as dividers or statement pieces.  They can also make the transition from indoor/outdoors more seamless.
  4. Open it up!
    By putting in a wall of solid windows or sliding glass doors, you can open your living space or dining space up and make your home seem larger.  
  5. Add a canopy.
    Creating a ceiling or an enclosure over your outdoor space is a great way to make the outdoors feel like home.  Canopies provide a temporary space that can be taken down when the weather is nice.

How are some ways you create your perfect indoor/outdoor area?

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