How Do I Know if I Need New Windows?

Windows are great additions to any home.  The provide natural light and a wonderful view into your neighborhood. Unfortunately, older windows may have plenty of problems that you may not even notice.  Here are some ways to decide whether or not your home is ready for new windows.

  1. High energy bills.  Have your energy bills been increasing month by month?  If you’re standing next to your window, can you feel a draft or cooler or warmer air coming through?  You may need to seal up the cracks and holes around your window panes. A good way to test this is to get a candle or burn a stick of incense.  Guide your candle or incense around the perimeter of your windows. If there’s a flicker or movement with the flame or smoke, chances are, outside air is coming through.  This can make your energy bills skyrocket. With winter quickly approaching, energy efficient windows may be the way to go.
  2. Are the operational?  Can you open your windows?  Being able to open your windows is not just good to let some fresh air in.  It’s important for the safety of your family.
  3. Rotting wood or leaky windows.  Windows are suppose to let you enjoy a rainstorm without actually getting wet.  Do you notice extreme condensation on your window panes? Is water getting into your house, causing a hazard?  It may be time for new windows. Rotting wood can me a good home for mold, which can also cause a safety hazard for your family.  The longer you wait to replace this, the more dangerous it can get.
  4. Soundproofing.  Are your windows letting in too much noise pollution?  Newer windows provide a level of soundproofing so you can keep the noisy street outside, and your loud action movie in.
  5. Cracking or breaking.  Obviously, if you can see visible cracks in your windows, it’s time to replace them.  Any cracking or breaking can invite the outside in. A cracked window can also be dangerous, and someone could cut themselves on broken glass.

Replacing your windows is a good investment for your home, can boost curb appeal, and will help you save money on energy costs.  

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