How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets set the stage for your kitchen, so getting the right ones can really make your style show through.  There are many new styles and designs to make the most of your kitchen.

Base cabinets are going more towards drawers instead of doors.  This makes finding your pots and pans easier, as it brings them to you, instead of having to bend over and dig through all of your pans to find the one you need.  

Trending wall cabinets are going all the way to the ceiling to make use of the space.  Clear glass cabinets that are taller are a great way to show off a collection or prettier servingware.  When choosing the material for your cabinets, avoid particle board, which won’t last very long. Go for plywood, which will last longer, and will help in the resale value of your home.  Cherry wood is an incredible wood for strong, bold finishes. Other popular choices are bamboo and mahogany. Avoid glazed woods. No matter what style kitchen you decide on, choosing a more natural finish will always be a winner.

You cabinets must have a soft close hinge!  Some cabinets come with them already, but if they don’t, it’s worth the extra money to get that feature added to your cabinets.  The prediction is that touchless cabinets will be more mainstream, so it’s a good idea to install some of those in your kitchen, especially for cabinets which will hold any waste receptacles.

When picking your hardware for your cabinets, you’ll want something that will be easy to use.  Beautiful hardware that’s not functional will not work in a kitchen you use every day. Cabinet pulls are a great way to tie your cabinets and countertops together.

Something to put your kitchen over the top is adding recessed lighting underneath your cabinets.  This can add wonderful ambiance to your kitchen, regardless of the style. Look for cabinets that have a valiance that can conceal any lights to create a nice clean finish.

You don’t have to break the bank to have the kitchen of your dreams.  Look for places where you can add specific to you custom organizations to make it your dream kitchen.


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