Kid Friendly Backyard Ideas

Your backyard can be a fantastic retreat for rest and relaxation, but for children, it can be a place of adventure.  Here are some kid-friendly ways to make your backyard fun and exciting.

  1. In-ground trampoline.  Building a trampoline into the ground can make your trampoline safer and look much nicer than the above-ground trampolines.  There are kits available to buy, but it’s a good idea to have professional help to install them.
  2. Entertainment center deck.  Putting a tv outside is a great idea for movie nights!  Build a deck that has plenty of seating for friends of all ages, and their parents!
  3. Game lawn.  Turn that wide open green space into a place for games!  Larger than life Jenga boards, huge dominos and a giant chess board can really make for a magical tournament.  Corn Hole and horseshoes are classic games that never go out of style.
  4. Mini golf course.  Going out for mini-golf can be expensive, so why not bring the course to your own backyard?  A small putting green can really be a fun addition to any yard.
  5. Treehouse.  Having an awesome treehouse in your backyard is every kid’s dream!  If you don’t have any trees in your yard, build a loft-style playhouse to simulate the canopy home.
  6. Rock wall.  Kids love to climb everything, so let them get out that energy on a rock climbing wall!  Build it on the side of a playhouse for extra access inside, or create an independently standing one with soft mats underneath.
  7. Hammock.  Who doesn’t like grabbing a book and relaxing in a swinging hammock?  Add one lower to the ground to make it safer for your little ones to get up and down.
  8. Basketball court.  This backyard addition doesn’t have to be regulation size to make it fun.  Add a slab of concrete for a half-court!
  9. Splash pad.  Cool off this summer by building your own water park in your backyard.  Create an unpredictable water show that is fun for the whole family!
  10. Zipline.  Having a zip line in your backyard would make your house the coolest house on the block!  

Kid-friendly backyards can be great for kids of all ages!

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