Winter is the Right Time for Home Renovations

The winter months are a perfect time to complete home renovations.  With the colder weather, projects can be completed easier, and without the stress of the heat of the summer months.  Here are some reasons why winter is a great time to renovate your home.


  1. Scheduling.  Scheduling is easier for contractors during the winter months because most projects are done in the spring and fall months.  
  2. Availability.  Because winter time is slower, contractors have more time to plan your projects and carry them out in a reasonable time frame.  Contractors may be less expensive because of the off season.
  3. Reasonable pricing.  A lot of companies will lower their prices to get rid of product to make room for new inventory.  Winter is a good time to get cabinets, flooring, lighting, and other home renovation products for a reduced price.  
  4. Clean up.  Winter months make it easier for cleaning up the construction mess.  There are many options to keep the debris allocated to the construction site, like plastic zip doors and fans with negative pressure.
  5. Permits.  Permit offices are usually less busy in the winter months, making it quicker and easier to obtain the permits you need to complete your renovation.
  6. Mild winters.  Because the winters are typically mild in south Texas, a lot of projects can be done outside, and you won’t have to worry about the hot Texas heat.
  7. Holidays.  It’s easier to make time for renovations when everyone is on vacation from school and work.  Planning a renovation during a time when everyone is off of work will not ruin a daily schedule.  


Winter is the perfect time to consider renovating your home!

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