Modern Seating Walls To Maximize Your Backyard Space

Modern seating wall surrounding a firepit installed by Pavertime in Texas.

Simple details can make or break a home improvement project. Whether it’s adding lights embedded into a paver patio or the use of cobblestone to add texture and definition, you want your project to stand out. One detail that can add a lot of enjoyment and value to a project is a modern seating wall. 

Modern seating walls are one of those touches that finish a project and set it apart. Often found around a firepit or on the edge of a patio, these seating walls add value and functionality wherever you choose to add them in your yard. Ultimately, seating walls will help you maximize your backyard space while creating upscale spaces to fill with your family and friends. 

What is a Modern Seating Wall?

Modern seating walls are purposefully designed places to sit installed within your hardscaping or paver project. To create a modern seating wall, a retaining wall or decorative natural stone wall is capped with a bench or flat capstone at a height of 18 to 24 inches high. The seating wall can be along a low wall or with a decorative stone backing which gives a gentle place to lean back and relax. Seating walls provide a comfortable place to sit while expanding the functionality of the space. 

Why you should consider creating modern seating walls within your landscaping

One of the best reasons to consider adding a modern seating wall will be the opportunity to expand your outdoor living space. With a seating wall, you will be able to add another place for your family and friends to gather without adding bulky patio furniture. Rather than feeling like your patio is cluttered, seating walls offer seating on the outside edges of your patio. This can help to free up space while providing interesting borders between the garden and the patio. 

Not only will a seating wall help to create additional outdoor living areas, but it will also add value to your home. Curb appeal is one of the top contributors to your home’s value. Adding low stone walls topped with benches will enhance the outside appearance of your home while adding luxurious touches. A beautiful cobblestone path that leads to your side yard will be elevated by the addition of seating walls that play into surrounding landscaping. 

Modern seating walls will also help create accessibility for those who might have problems bending down or standing for long periods. Adding capstone to the edge of raised flower beds makes it easier for people to garden while sitting down or to reach the natural area at the edge of a retaining wall without having to bend over for long periods of time. 

Seating walls are also a great opportunity to add rest areas along walking paths or sidewalks for those who have trouble with balance or restricted movement. 

Finally, modern seating walls will add hours of enjoyment to your outdoor living space. A beautiful fire pit surrounded by a seating wall with a high back will keep in the warmth on the cool Houston nights and lend to a very cozy feel. Likewise, adding seating walls on the sides of your outdoor kitchen will create added space for inviting more friends over for dinners and parties. Seating walls create functionality while also giving you more space to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Modern seating walls add a welcoming and upscale touch to your home. At Pavertime, we want to help you transform your space into something that will bring you joy each time you walk out your door and into your yard. Whether you are wanting to add a paver driveway lined with a modern seating wall, a cozy modern-looking fire pit, or want to add beneficial retaining walls, Pavertime can help you come up with exciting possibilities for your next project. Contact us today for your free consultation. 

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