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Have you ever driven past a house with a sloped yard and wondered how they safely mowed the grass each week? Or did that yard have big bare spots where constant runoff washed away all the plants and vegetation?

While hills and slopes are great for sledding and other winter fun in colder climates, they can cause more harm than good in the warm tropical climate of the Houston area.

How can you reclaim usable space in your yard when your home or business is built on a hill? Simple. Trust Pavertime to be your local Houston Retaining Wall Installers. 

Why Use Retaining Walls?

There are various reasons why a retaining wall is the best solution for your space. It can be simple as wanting to expand your yard space and as complex as needing to control where water goes during rain storms. On top of the practical uses of installing a retaining wall, these stone walls are features that raise property value!

Reclaim Yard Space 

Have you ever tried to throw a football to someone running downhill at a steep angle? It’s the perfect recipe for an emergency room visit and not for a fun afternoon outside. The solution to this dangerous problem, a retaining wall! Simply put, retaining walls help to reclaim space in your yard. 

Whether adding terraced retaining walls with built-in vegetable gardens to a heavily sloped backyard or adding outdoor living space beside a driveway retaining wall, retaining walls help you use an area that otherwise would be a constant, sloped challenge. 

Help Control Water Runoff

Tropical climates come with constant pool parties, outdoor barbecues, and 12 months of sandals—the good ol’ Houston charm. But living in tropical climates also includes tropical storms and afternoon summer showers. If your lot is prone to water retention, land can be built up using a retaining wall to give your home a dry pad. Diverting the water using basins or better drainage will help water go where it needs to go rather than washing away landscaping and harming your yard. Nobody likes traversing a muddy mess after a storm. 

Hardscaping, such as retaining walls can help manage water runoff on your lot. Water belongs in the pool, not in your yard. 

Pro Tip: Got a real big water collection problem throughout your lot? Consider installing a retaining wall in addition to basins and water-permeable driveway pavers and say goodbye to your flooding problems. 

Raise Property Value

In today’s market, making your home stand out is essential. While retaining walls can be purely functional, they can also be decorative. Natural stone retaining walls with embedded lighting or topped with lush landscaping will elevate your yard to a new level. Want to have the nicest yard in the neighborhood? Consider a retaining wall! 

While most retaining walls will add value to your home, poorly constructed walls or walls that need to be fixed may detract from it. That’s why it’s crucial to use retaining wall installers with experience in the Houston area who know the land, the soil types found across the Houston region, and how to build walls that will look amazing for decades. 

Pro Tip: Did you know concrete patios and walls add no value to your property? Spice things up with paver projects. Pavertime, your trusted Houston paver installers, has a variety of paver colors and styles to match the look and feel of your home.

What to Expect with Retaining Wall Installation

The first step in building a retaining wall is to measure the height of the area where a retaining wall is needed. If the wall is 4 feet tall or taller, a wall engineer must come out to test the soil and draw up a plan. But with Pavertime, you don’t have to worry about finding a wall engineer—we’ll be happy to refer you to one.

Once the area where the retaining wall will be built is measured, we’ll draw up a plan for you to approved. Then the next step is to pick the stone and overall design look. Remember, we can make your retaining wall more than just a wall by adding decorative stairs or a paver patio along the edge of the retaining wall to help complete your project’s overall look and feel. 

One all the details are ironed out, Pavertime will come out and install your retaining wall. When Pavertime is done, you’ll have reclaimed your land, protected it from water runoff, and raised your property value! 

Pavertime: Your Trusted Retaining Wall Installers

Ready to get started on your retaining wall? So are we! Just give us a call at 832-831-6058 and a member of our team will reach out to schedule your FREE consultation. Don’t like calling? That’s okay, fill out our form and we’ll reach out. 

We can’t wait to help you transform your property into the oasis it deserves to be!

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