Paver Retaining Walls

What you Need to Know about Paver Retaining Walls

The primary purpose of retaining wall is to hold back soil when there is a drastic change in elevation.  Retaining walls can also be used to add a garden bed to an otherwise flat yard.  Incorporating retaining walls into a terrace or elevated patio can add beautiful dimension to an ordinary outdoor area.  Here are some of the basic things you need to know before installing retaining walls.

  1. Retaining walls can have multiple uses.
    Walls do not have to be isolated to only the basic use of holding back soil.  Try incorporating them into your everyday life with many different uses.
  2. Create unique patterns.
    Retaining walls do not have to be plain, ordinary walls.  Get creative with the perimeter of the wall to create one of a kind designs and shapes!
  3. Using manufactured pavers will create a more stable wall.
    Uniformed pavers will help the integrity of the wall and make sure it stays put.  It will also save a lot of time making sure that the wall is level when all of the pavers are the same.
  4. Don’t forget to backfill.
    Backfilling as you go will create stability in your wall.  Make sure the pack in the dirt as you go to prevent settling later.
  1. Remember to think of drainage.
    By providing proper drainage to your wall, you prevent water from building up behind your wall, making it unstable.  Adding filter fabric and weep holes to your wall will also help with adequate drainage.
  2. Provide a stable base.
    The success of a retaining wall relies largely on the base.  Dig out a proper base and make sure it’s level before building up the wall.

Retaining walls require a lot of time and accuracy to make sure they are built correctly. Always hire a professional when it comes to creating a large and multi-tiered retaining wall installation.



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