Pool Paving Ideas For This Summer

Paved pool surrounds for a circular pool in Houston

There’s nothing better on a blazing hot afternoon in Houston than jumping into a refreshing backyard pool. Yet, slipping on glazed tile or burning your feet on poured concrete surfaces can quickly put a damper on the day. 

Pool surrounds are one of the essential aspects of a great pool setup. So how can you create a fun, yet funcional, pool using pavers as a pool surround? Let us help you. 

Creating a Backyard Oasis for Your Family to Enjoy

One of the first steps to take before your pool installation or remodel begins is to learn about the options that can help ensure that the surfaces you use are safe and create a visual impact. Combining safety, function, and style will help you make a pool area that will benefit your family while also making a treasure trove of fun summer memories.

We know that planning a new pool can be overwhelming. Read the pool paving ideas below to learn about all the great ways to build a pool surround using pavers.

Pool Paving Ideas

Create Interest with Contrasting Pool Coping 

Coping separates the pool body from the pool surround, keeping the pool in better health while adding an excellent opportunity to draw the eye to an exciting feature. The coping is also a great way to add customization without breaking the bank. For example, a white, modern coping paired with a textured gray paver as the pool surround will lend a modern touch, while natural stone can be used sparingly as the pool coping to lend a rustic touch. 

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To achieve a truly timeless look to your pool, you can omit the traditional pool hardscape surround and only use grass to border a crisp coping. The pool coping isn’t just a necessary piece; it’s an excellent opportunity to add a strong design element. 

Talk with a Professional About Your Ideal Surface

Professionals in the hardscapes industry, such as Pavertime, know how each surface and material will function surrounding a pool. Years of experience help us know which pavers will create safe and dependable surfaces. 

For example, Travertine works well in the Houston area because it stays slightly cooler on the feet, while the Origins Paver line from Belgard creates a textured surface to help reduce slipping. Professionals understand the products and can help you build an enjoyable area based on your preferences. 

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Transform Your Yard Using Shapes and Colors

One of the perks of using pavers as a pool surround is the ability to use various shapes and colors. Do you want a natural feel to your pool, almost as if it is nestled into your landscaping? Softer edges, muted colors, and flowing natural shapes can help you achieve that style. Meanwhile, sharper corners and stark contrasting colors can lend a contemporary feel. Combining different types and sizes of pavers can create interest and texture. Your design choices when using pavers are practically endless. 

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Add-In Additional Features

When redoing an existing pool surround or installing a new paver pool, it’s essential to consider additional features that would increase your home’s value while creating memorable times with your friends and family. Adding features such as a fire pit or a pergola during the initial installation will save costs in the long run and ensure that all your backyard surfaces will match, presenting a seamless surface. 

Let Pavertime Help You Create Summer Fun with an Amazing Pool Surround

Pavertime are experts at installing pavers in Houston and surrounding areas. With years of experience, we can assist you in choosing the best pavers for your project while also creating breathtaking designs. Are you looking for the perfect paver design to complement your southwest-style home? Or do you want to bring a touch of the tropics to your backyard with blue pavers? Pavertime knows the products you need while being a trustworthy, dependable hardscaping contractor. 

As an experienced hardscaping contractor, Pavertime can also help you build exciting features that will help you further enjoy your paver pool, such as beautiful patios and enjoyable outdoor kitchens. Our expertise extends beyond pavers and into transforming your backyard into a truly memorable space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

Whether you’re looking to bring your new pool paving ideas to life or want to redo an older pool decking and coping, Pavertime is here to assist you. Call us today for your free consultation. 

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