Belgard Dimensions™ and Origins™ Pavers

Dimensions™ Pavers by Belgard. Photo courtesy of Belgard.

For many years, one of the top products from Belgard has been the contemporary-style Catalina line. These products incorporated a modular 3-piece system while offering a variety of patterns and designs. However, because of Belgard’s constant commitment to research and improvement, they have recently announced two new lines replacing the Catalina products. 

These new modular systems produce memorable and personalized spaces and raising the value of your home while creating a stunning outdoor living area has never been easier. Using the new Dimensions or Origins pavers by Belgard is the perfect solution for your home’s hardscaping needs. 

Introducing the Belgard Dimensions Pavers and Origins Pavers

Dimensions and Origins are both modular systems, formed in sizes that work together to create endless patterns and designs. Each piece in the new system is 60mm thick and works together in three-inch increments, allowing all components to be mixed and matched or used individually. Using a modular paving system allows ultimate flexibility and also reduces product waste while making installation more efficient. 

Belgard Dimensions Pavers

The Belgard Dimensions Pavers showcase clean, crisp lines with a smooth top which introduces a more modern look and feel than former Catalina products. In addition, Dimensions offer complete installation and configuration flexibility for contractors, homeowners, and designers because of their wide range of colors and sizes.

The Dimensions Pavers are available in the following sizes:

  • Small 6 – 3X6″ unit, 6X6″ unit, 6×9″ unit
  • Medium 12 – 6×12″ unit, 12×12″ unit, 12×18″ unit
  • Large 18 – 9×18″ unit, 18×18″ unit, 18×27″ unit

All of the Dimensions Pavers can mix and match, bringing you nine different size options for plenty of patterns and variations to match your style.

What you can expect from Dimensions Pavers:

  • 3-piece system with three different size categories
  • Available in 4 colorways with two accent colors
  • Sleek, modern appearance
  • Tight joints
  • Reduced installation time and product waste
  • Compatible with Origins stone-like modular pavers
  • Utilized for patios, walkways, and pool decks
  • Small 6 are available for driveways and parking surfaces.

Belgard Origins Paver

The new Origins Paver embraces the textured slate-like surface of the Catalina line while updating the look, feel, and performance to current-day standards. 

The Origins Pavers are available in the same sizes as the Dimensions pavers – 6”, 12”, and 18”, and 2 ⅜” thick. Origins Paver also comes with accent pieces that can be used as inlays, carpet inlays, or stand-alone pavers. Available sizes are:

  • Small 6 – 3X6″, 6X6″, 6×9” units
  • Medium 12 – 6×12″, 12×12″, 12×18” units
  • Large 18 – 9×18″, 18×18″, 18×27″ units
  • Accent – 6”x9” unit

What you can expect from the Origins Pavers:

  • Three-piece system with multiple sizes to create interesting patterns and designs
  • Look and feel of natural stone
  • Six available colorways
  • Reduced installation time and product waste
  • Compatible with Dimensions smooth surfaced pavers
  • 6″ pavers can be used for driveways in residential applications
  • Utilized for patios, walkways, and pool decks

Belgard Dimensions and Origins Paver Ideas

Mix-and-Match Styling

Because of the modularity offered in the Dimensions and Origins lines, all pieces and colors can be mix-and-matched to create timeless designs or stand-out modern structures. In addition, the smooth and sleek look of Dimensions can be easily combined with the textured Origins in various colors to bring interest and character to any design. 

Paved Driveways

One of the perks to the new Dimensions and Origins line is that the smaller 6″ pieces are available for use in driveway and parking applications. With their standard thickness and tight locking ability, these pavers are the perfect material for gena long-lasting driveway. 

Borders and Accents

Both lines come with several different border and accent pieces. These accent pieces can be used in different angles or colors to bring personality and interest to your outdoor living space. Adding these accent pieces to your overall design is an easy way to add richness and drama while reducing cuts and waste. 

Expanding Outdoor Space

While smaller pavers provide solid parking surfaces, larger-sized pavers can easily and quickly create relaxing outdoor spaces such as patios and outdoor kitchens. So whether you want to add a small walkway from an existing patio to your home or looking to add a large fire pit area to your backyard, Dimensions and Origins are the perfect solutions.

Choose Pavertime to Help You With Your Belgard Installation

With an outstanding warranty and unmatched quality, Belgard Pavers are hard to beat. The addition of Dimensions and Origins lines adds more possibilities and personalization while creating hardscape projects that will last for years. 

Belgard’s commitment to quality extends beyond its products. As an authorized Belgard contractor, Pavertime has to meet rigorous training and experience requirements and undergo yearly education. Pavertime knows the Belgard product line and how to work with it to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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