Renovating your Closet

When thinking of renovating your home, most people don’t think about renovating their closets. Changing up your closet spaces can be a great way to gain more space in your home, and make your life less stressful.

It’s important to figure out exactly what you will be using your closet for.  Will it be for clothes? Is it primarily a coat closet or used for holding cleaning supplies?  Is the closet in your children’s room? Once the primary use of the closet is established, coming up with a game plan for organization is much easier.  Consider the storage solutions your closet will solve, and this will allow you and your contractor or designer come up with a solid game plan.

Establish a budget on what you would like to spend inside your closet space.  This will help you to narrow down what you absolutely must have on your list and eliminate things you may not be able to afford right away.  

There are many do-it-yourself closet organization systems that are affordable, but beware.  If you aren’t very skilled with basic tools, this method could cause more stress in your closet than before. Make sure your rods and hangers are securely fastened into your wall, or you could end up with a huge mess.

Getting your closet organization pro installed may cost more money up front, but it could end up saving you more money in the long run.  Do some research before you start to make sure what you want is available in your budget. A typical install for a walk in closet can range in cost, depending on the materials and the type of organization systems you want installed.

If the stress from the clutter is too much to even consider an installation, consider hiring a professional closet organizer to straighten the mess up first.  They may also have ideas on the best way to make the most of your space, and can even recommend products and professionals to make your life easier.

Closets can be wonderful assets to your home if they are well thought out and organized.  A well organized closet can make your spring cleaning a breeze!


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