The Most Regretted DIY Projects

You watch home improvement programs and follow all the home improvement blogs, so you think it should be easy to tackle that home improvement project on your own.  Fair warning, professionals on those shows make renovations seem like a piece of cake. Here are some of the most regretted DIY projects by homeowners.


  1. Adding or expanding a room.  This is a huge undertaking, and mistakes can be expensive.  A lot more than adding a wall or removing a wall goes into this project.  It takes a professional to know what to look for, and how to avoid major mistakes.
  2. Refinishing cabinets.  It may seem like an easy project to do yourself, but refinishing cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom is very time consuming.  It requires removing the doors from every cabinet, sanding, staining, and lots of waiting for paint to dry before installing them.  
  3. Refinishing an attic.  You can’t just throw up some paint and call it a day.  Refinishing an attic space needs insulation, and there may be more problems like mold and drafts.  An unfinished attic is definitely a job left to the professionals.
  4. Replacing carpet.  Unless you really know your way around a toolbox, avoid this DIY.  Laying carpet needs accurate measurements and proper tacking to make sure the carpet doesn’t come up.
  5. Installing hardwood floors.  You have to take apart the baseboards and doors to insure proper installation of hardwood floors.  They also require good measurement to make sure that the floor is level.
  6. Retiling your bathroom floor.  Any project that deals with water needs to be properly sealed and grouted.  Without doing this, you can cause a huge amount of problems taking care of water damage.
  7. Adding a backsplash.  You have to completely smooth the surface before installing any tile.  Without doing this, you could run the risk of the final process looking uneven and sloppy.


In the long run, it’s always better to hire a professional to save on costly mistakes and get your renovation done right the first time.

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