5 Resort Style Backyard Ideas — Re-Create Your Vacation Spot

Resort style backyard in Houston, Texas with pavers and retaining walls installed by Pavertime.

After a long day at work, there’s nothing like sipping on a cool drink next to a pool or relaxing on a patio surrounded by giant palm fronds. However, hoping on a jet to head off to your favorite island isn’t an option on Wednesday afternoon, and trying to make it down to Galveston Island for sunset cocktails will only get you stuck in the permanent road construction on I-45. 

Houston has warm weather, lush green tropical plants, and gorgeous sunshine almost year-round. If you need a tropical oasis to enjoy, it can be as simple as making a few modifications in your own backyard. 

Unpack your bags, stop worrying about delayed or canceled flights, and let us help you transform your backyard into your own vacation spot with these resort-style backyard ideas.

Resort Style Backyard Ideas For Homeowners

1. Build a Place to Gather with a Fire Pit 

One thing that sets a top-notch resort apart from average hotels is that they think about your daily enjoyment from start to finish. They know you’ll want to lay out by the pool and drink in the sunshine, but what about when the sun starts to set and it gets a little cooler? Fire pits are the perfect way to top off enjoying the summer day. 

Whether you’re just going to turn on the gas-powered fire pit and curl up next to a gentle glow for a quick glass of wine with your partner, or you’re gathering with lively friends of all ages with a plate full of food ready to roast over the open fire, fire pits are the ultimate detail to top off any day. 

2. Install a Pergola for Shade and Comfort 

Shade structures add relief from the hot sun and bring a place to rest and relax or enjoy a meal together. Pergolas can transform a backyard using a geometric modern style in contrasting colors that remind you of a contemporary villa in Spain or a rustic style that allows vines to cover the pergola, transporting you back to your last Italian vacation. 

Pro Tip: Did you know that pergolas can be covered by clear or tinted polycarbonate roofs, which are guaranteed to drop the temperature in the pergola by 12 degrees?

3. Create Luxurious Winding Paths 

Think about the last time you stepped in a mud puddle at a resort. It’s not something you’ve probably experienced because resorts think of every last detail, including your personal comfort. Using a paver walkway to create walkable paths throughout your yard will keep your yard pristine and boost your yard from average to wow! Plus, who doesn’t love the look of tropical plants hanging over the border of a winding path? 

4. Up Your Style with a Paver Patio 

Boring concrete patios will get the job done, but luxurious paver patios transform your space. Rather than have a cookie-cutter solid slab of concrete, use pavers to bring style and elegance to your yard. 

For example, to change the vibe of your space, use different paver styles. We recommend the City Stone Demi and Supra Paver by Keystone Hardscapes for a beachfront resort style. But if you’re looking for a more rustic bed and breakfast feel, we recommend Keystone Hardscapes Venetian paver.

Pro Tip: Did you know concrete adds no resale value to your home? However, adding a stone structure can help elevate your home’s style and value! 

5. Outdoor Kitchens, the Ultimate Outdoor Spaces

When creating a backyard oasis, outdoor kitchens are the piece de resistance. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for fall and spring evenings when it’s too pretty outside to be inside making dinner, and they’re the perfect touch for entertaining. 

If you want to host a large party to celebrate your new outdoor oasis, consider hiring a chef to cook for your guests in your new outdoor kitchen.

Pro Tip: Outdoor kitchens bring a new level of luxury to your home while boosting your home’s equity and ensuring a positive return on investment. 

Take a Vacation in Your Own Backyard!

Here’s the best news: Making your resort style backyard ideas into a reality will probably be easier than booking your next vacation. All you need to do is contact us today! 

Call Pavertime to schedule your free consultation now, and let us bring the resort to you. 

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