Holland Pavers to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

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Do you want to update your outdoor space with a classic, welcoming look? Holland Pavers might be just the type of pavers you need. This concrete paver style comes in many colors to easily create custom patterns and designs. Since they are durable and versatile, they are ideal for creating walkways, driveways, and patios. 

In this post, we’ll cover Holland pavers, why they are so popular, how to maintain this type of concrete pavers, and different options available for Houston-area homeowners.

What are Holland pavers?

Holland pavers are not a brand of pavers, but rather they are a style consisting of simple rectangles that can be installed in many different patterns to create an elegant and refined look. The product is high-quality and durable, resistant to abrasion. It also has a good load-bearing capacity and can be used on driveways underneath vehicles. 

The interlocking design of Holland pavers makes for easy installation and maintenance, making them a cost-effective option. The varied colors and textures offer creative options for designing outdoor spaces, whether a walkway to your door with lots of foot traffic or a pool surround that gets wet often. The low-maintenance properties of Holland pavers make them a good choice for gardens and other outdoor areas prone to wear and tear. 

Maintenance of Holland Pavers


You can wash Holland Pavers with a regular garden hose. Use a brush or stiff broom to sweep dirt and debris off the pavers and then just spray them clean. If needed, you can use household cleansers such as dish soap or laundry detergent. If you are concerned about the environment, make sure to choose a phosphate-free laundry detergent. Don’t worry, regular dish soap won’t harm your grass or plants. Never use harsh chemicals, bleach, or vinegar as it could damage the stone and harm your landscaping, too.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse the surface with water and detergent to remove any leftover residue from cleaning products. Pressure washing can also be a useful way to clean and maintain concrete pavers, but should be done by a professional to make sure the polymeric sand isn’t washed away and the pavers aren’t damaged. Pressure washing can also remove sealant, so the pavers might need to be resealed after.


Sealing your Holland pavers with a high-quality sealant every two years or so is an important step in protecting them from the elements and prolonging the life of your patio. When sealing, it’s vital to use a good penetrating sealer that is rated for Houston weather conditions. The type of sealer you choose will determine how long it lasts and how well it seals. 

For example, a water-based sealant will last longer than an oil-based one, but they both perform well at sealing cracks and gaps in pavers. Some sealers are designed for easy application, while others require special equipment or expertise to apply correctly. If you need a recommendation, Pavertime can provide a list of options that we feel work best.

Regardless of the type of sealer used, it’s important to clean the surface of the paver thoroughly before applying it to remove any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time. 

Note that topical treatments (to give a shine or “wet” look) are not good for pavers and affect their durability, so we don’t recommend using them. 

Repairs and Replacement

Holland pavers are a modular installation, which makes it easy to remove and replace pavers when needed. This type of paver is very durable but they are also repairable and might not even need to be replaced. You won’t have ugly patched cracks or have to repave the entire walkway. 

You can always call Pavertime to repair cracks or damaged sections of concrete pavers. We’ll do our best to repair pavers, as it’s more cost-effective for the homeowner than replacing them. 

Holland Paver Options

Many reputable paver manufacturers offer Holland pavers because they are classic, elegant, and versatile. 

Belgard® offers Holland Stone, a smooth surface concrete paver that is part of their Heritage collection. The Belgard Holland Stone series comes in seven colors from a popular uniform Red, that resembles vintage red brick walkways, to the Rio, which has color variations that look more established and weathered.

A significant benefit of Belgard’s Holland pavers is that they have a lifetime transferable limited warranty for residential projects – if there is anything that goes wrong with the pavers, the warranty might cover the cost of repair or replacement and the warranty can be conveyed to new owners if the house is sold. There are a few exceptions for chemical damage or impact with heavy objects, among others so make sure you read the fine print.

If you’re looking for something a little different, Pavestone® Holland pavers also offer you a wide variety of patterns and styles that will add a touch of charm to your patio or other landscaping project. You can choose from the 3-Piece Plaza Stone, Century Series or Cumberland Series to find the perfect style for your design.

The Keystone 3-Piece Plaza Stone series features a smooth surface and rounded edges, providing a gentle, warm effect. It is available in a wide range of colors. In addition, it offers an array of pattern options for both a smooth, linear look and an impressionistic embossed surface profile.

The Century Series is a version of Holland stone. It is an ideal solution for adding dimension to your paving projects. With a range of color options, you can find a style that suits your project. It can be tumbled or laid in many different patterns. If you prefer a more traditional, natural look, the Cumberland Series will give you an Old World appeal.


Holland pavers are an attractive yet durable choice that works in most hardscape applications, whether it’s a home or commercial business. Not only do they withstand the elements, but they also add texture and color to your outdoor space.

There are also a number of special order options. If you would like to have a paver with a specific color, you can order it from your local Belgard representative, like Pavertime, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote and show you the different options and brands. Give us a call at 832-831-6058, and let’s talk about your project!

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