Belgard Pavers for Houston, TX – Our Favorite Looks This Year

At Pavertime, we’re committed to bringing your creative vision to life using superior products and expert craftsmanship. One of the ways that we can best serve our clients is by using Belgard pavers, makers of the top paver products within the hardscaping industry. As an authorized installer of Belgard pavers in Houston, TX, and its surrounding areas, Pavertime can create the jaw-dropping, durable outdoor space of your dreams.

Pavertime is an Authorized Installer for Belgard Pavers in Houston, TX

Belgard products combine design and function to create unique outdoor living spaces. With various paver colors and styles represented by different collections, Belgard offers products that match the type and feel of every home. 

A few of our favorite residential Belgard looks this year include:

  • Cambridge Cobble Pavers – With rounded edges and a pillowtop style, these pavers are gentle on the feet and perfect as a pool surround or along a paver walkway
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  • Boudreaux Series – The stacked stone design and smooth cast stone accents make this an excellent option for outdoor living spaces such as kitchens and fireplaces.
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  • Eco Dublin – A beautiful contemporary cut stone look adds to the practical use of this water-permeable paver.
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  • Diamond Pro – A rough-hewn stone is known for creating strong retaining walls, but it is also an excellent choice for large-scale projects because of its affordability. This retaining wall, landing, and steps were built by the Pavertime team using BelgardⓇ Diamond Pro Rock Face and Belgard Catalina pavers to create a rustic look that fits the exterior of this house in Sugarland, TX.
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Belgard Commercial Products

Known as an industry leader in creating durable pavers and paving systems, Belgard also has a solid line of commercial products. Designed and built in order to supply environmental solutions and help with stormwater issues, their style and durability will add value and impact to any commercial space. 

We couldn’t mention our favorite residential Belgard pavers without bringing attention to a few of our preferred Belgard commercial pavers. 

  • Moduline Interlocking Pavers and Slabs – A great way to introduce eye-catching design, this interlocking system comes in a large variety of patterns and colors.
  • Diamond Pro Stone Cut – This Diamond Pro style adds added performance, making it a great choice for water applications and tall walls, while providing a beautiful rough hewn stone appearance. 

Why Choose Belgard Pavers?

With over 25 years in the hardscaping industry and over 20,000 hours each year dedicated to research and development, Belgard consistently creates outstanding products known for their durability and looks. Best of all, Belgard products come with a lifetime transferable limited warranty.

Pavertime is dedicated to providing the best to our customers. As ICPI Certified installers with years of supporting Belgard installation in the Houston area, we can help you create the outdoor living area of your dreams. Let us show you why you would love the look and feel of Belgard products. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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