Choosing Belgard Paver Colors: What to Consider for Your Home

Pavertime partners with Belgard to help you select from Belgard paver colors for your home

As you make your way through the seemingly endless decisions while renovating your outdoor living space, you will have to decide which Belgard paver colors fit best with your home. 

Having so many options is a good problem, though, because you’ll likely find the perfect paver to match your home’s aesthetic. Remember these helpful tips as you choose pavers for your outdoor space.

Know Your Options with Belgard Paver Colors

Working with Belgard materials, you have the opportunity to use a variety of textures and colors to create eye-catching patterns instead of a monotone design. Furthermore, you can consider a blend of tumbled and textured patio pavers.

Belgard Rooms Modular Templates allow Houston area homeowners to quickly identify what works best for their style, features, and budget. As an authorized Belgard contractor, we can help you out by streamlining the decision-making process so that you can make informed decisions.

Remember the Effect You’re Trying to Create

A good rule of thumb is to choose Belgard paver colors that complement your home. For example, Belgard pavers that are a few shades lighter than standard colors won’t detract from the beauty of your home.

1. Are you trying to form a relaxing, peaceful environment? Consider non-tumbled pavers with natural or gray tones, like Belgard Lueders Gray or Rio. The Metropolitan collection could also be what you’re looking for, as it emphasizes natural lighting and neutral tones. These tones may appear warm or cool, depending on their color blend.  

2. Do you want a bright space with color and energy? Try pavers that include red, orange, yellow, and brown hues. These colors create excitement and vitality! 

3. Are you trying to make your space bright and open? Use lighter pavers because they reflect light, as opposed to darker tones that absorb light. Darker tones can be used to create an intimate, cozy feeling, which may not be the best option when you’re looking to design a light, breezy space.  XMX5N69iyAEllIdZn1zFsqw1AsQ uZUGQVIewGaCOzjAP66jWTk16

Consider Your Access to Sunlight

Depending on how much sunlight strikes a paver, its color may change. Evaluate the area in direct sunshine, filtered sunlight, and even at night when the pavers get exposed to outdoor lighting. 

You may want to choose lighter pavers to brighten the area if it is completely shaded. These shades reflect the light, creating an open, welcoming environment. You may enjoy the Belgard Natural collection, which is filled with natural stone pavers for your outdoor living design. 

Match the Color of Your Roof 

When you choose Belgard paver colors that match your roof, it’s easier to connect the pavers to your home’s aesthetic. This means your sidewalks and driveway will be the same shade as your roof. 

If those don’t sound appealing, consider making a few changes to help the pavers blend in, like painting the shutters or doors. Make your exterior work for you to match your newly installed pavers. 

Monotone or Multicolored Pavers

What kind of look do you want for your patio and driveway? For a single color, choose a monotone layout. It will have clean lines, but oil and grease stains will be more noticeable. Multicolored pavers offer more color variation, leading to better-hidden stains.  

Pavertime Design Experts Guide You Through the Process 

When you’re ready to select Belgard paver colors for your outdoor living space, contact Pavertime. We have years of experience supporting Belgard projects for homeowners throughout the Greater Houston area.

Our hardscape designers are available to discuss color and texture options that will help you create the ideal outdoor kitchen or pool deck for your residence. Schedule a consultation today to get started on your renovation!

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