Building a Backyard Fire Pit with a Surrounding Paver Patio

The fire pit you have always wanted!

Nothing is more inviting on a cool crisp fall night than a crackling fire.  The smell of the campfire, the stories told, even roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over the open flame can create wonderful memories for years to come.  There are many different ideas and ways to make your own fire pit design, and at Pavertime, we have tons of ideas for your family’s backyard!

Building a round fire pit is a classic.  It allows for friends and families to circle around the campfire and tell great stories, all while enjoying the heat and view of the flames.  Building a round patio with pavers around the fire pit can really make the fire pit the star of the backyard, and provide a nice allocated place for everyone to gather.

Another great option for a fire pit is creating a rectangular pit.  Rectangular fire pits create a modern look to the backyard and streamlined elegance.  A rectangular fire pit is a perfect backdrop for a fancy dinner party or late night cocktails with friends.

Building a paved patio around a table fire pit is an excellent idea for entertaining.  Your guests can set their food or drinks next to the fire pit without worrying about someone knocking it over.  A flat piece can also be placed over the pit when not in use to provide extra surface area.

Adding a barbeque grill over the top of your fire pit can make for an entertaining way for the grill master to be the center of attention!  When food, friends, and fire come together, it’s always a good time!

Building a customized fire pit that fits into your backyard is an excellent way to incorporate your natural décor, or improve an eyesore in your yard.  Pavertime’s professionals are able to help you and your family come up with an original design that’s perfect for your family’s needs!

What are your favorite things about outdoor fire pits?

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