Creative Paver Use

Creative Uses for Pavers

When most people think of pavers, they think of ordinary patio spaces.  Pavers have a tremendous amount versatility and can be used to improve the look of your outdoor spaces!  Here are creative ways you can use pavers to create a unique look for your backyard.

  1. Pavers don’t have to be symmetrical.
    When defining your outdoor space, you can use pavers to create an organic patio or an appealing pathway.
  2. Use pavers to create a path.
    Pavers can provide a safe way to get from one end of your yard to another.  They can also be used to draw the eye to different areas of the yard, or to help your guests find cool hidden seating areas.
  3. Create an isolated seating area.
    Having multiple options for your guests is a great way to make your backyard the place to be.  Isolating a seating area with pavers provides a cozy spot to sit outside and read or visit with friends.
  4. Build platforms from pavers.
    Platforms can be used for potted plants or outdoor statues.  A professional can help you to get the right design for your yard.
  5. Create a border for your garden.
    Pavers are excellent for providing a border around your garden.  By digging a hole and placing the pavers deeper inside the ground, pavers can protect your garden from pests.
  6. Install indoor pavers.
    Who says pavers have to be used outside?  Putting pavers in your entryway or in a mudroom is a great way to protect your floor from heavy use areas.
  7. Use pavers to create art!
    Making a beautiful mosaic with pavers can add a touch of drama to any patio or outdoor area.  You can use pavers of different colors and textures to make the design really pop.
  8. Create an outdoor shower.
    This is especially great if you have a pool.  Your guests can use this shower to rinse off before jumping in the pool, or, if you have kids, before coming inside the house!
  9. Build a large chessboard!
    Use pavers to create the board!  If building giant chess pieces sounds like a daunting task, change the game to checkers!

How will you use pavers to make your backyard more exciting?

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