Hide Outdoor Eyesores with Pavers!

Using Pavers to Hide Otherwise Unsightly Yard Objects

Nothing can ruin a beautifully manicured lawn and well maintained garden like a bulky air conditioning unit or those ugly trashcans.  We need them, so obviously we can’t get rid of them, but what if there was a way to hide or disguise these ugly necessities with pavers?

Trash cans can be big, smelly, and they are definitely uninviting.  By adding pavers to the ground and building a wall around the space, you can provide a beautiful wall to hide these things!  You can also get creative by adding a swinging gate to make accessing this area easy, or even build in shelves for plants and flowers to (hopefully) mask the smell!

Air conditioning is a must in Houston.  We HAVE to have it, but do we really want to look at it all the time when we’re entertaining friends in the backyard?  Using the same concept as hiding the trashcans, you can build a creative and more aesthetically pleasing stone wall!

Random pipes in your backyard?  Why not use some pretty pavers to cover those up, and make them less likely for someone to accidentally trip over them?  You can also use pavers to build legs to place a removable table top on for added surface area!

Building a paver wall along the back of your fence could add beauty and intrigue to your back yard backdrop!  Adding a water feature to create a soothing ambiance and lots of greenery will certainly make your neighbors green with envy over your zen yard!

Why hide the barbeque pit when you could make it the focal point of your entire yard?  By building a beautiful stone outdoor barbeque pit, it allows you to entertain in style and still be apart of the conversation.

What are some of your ideas to use Pavertime to make your yard more stunning?

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